What is ANJI?

ANJI is a security token built to reward holders for the growth of AnjiEco. While ANJI is currently on Binance Smart Chain, it is designed to be multi-chain and layer fluid. Holders will receive the native token of the blockchain (BNB for Binance Smart Chain) from fees paid on AnjiEco’s current and future products, as well as a portion of each transaction of ANJI. Through the protocol, ANJI then also generates contributions to causes to make the world a better place.

So what exactly will you be able to do with ANJI?

ANJI sets a new precedent with the world’s first smart contract dividends protocol. Holders can claim their BNB rewards through our platform AnjiSwap. One can freely claim and use as they wish, reinvest and purchase more ANJI with a 50% reduced swap fee, or donate to the AnjiPool, which will support an NGO at the end of the given month.

The rewards are generated in many ways, and not only with the swap fee of ANJI. AnjiSwap, with its own router, connects investors to liquidity pools. In doing so, each transaction fee is rewarded to ANJI holders in real-time. Effectively you become a Shareholder in the ecosystem. All rewards are given in real-time, preventing possible reward pool manipulation that often occurs in other reward-focused tokens.

What is this ecosystem?

AnjiEco is an ever-expanding community of tokens and applications that can use the instruments within the ecosystem. AnjiSwap already lowers the learning curve and connects tokens to potential investors more directly and effectively.

  • App: https://app.anji.eco
  • Website: https://anji.eco
  • Ecosystem: https://anji.eco/ecosystem
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/Anji_Eco
  • Telegram Chat: https://t.me/AnjiEco
  • Telegram Announcement Channel: https://t.me/AnjiAnn
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