Sometimes, someone comes from nowhere and conquers everything! The same goes true for Mr. Abdelmoula who is a true symbol of multi-talent. The man of art, crafts, and man of move behind the movies. Find some other interesting post at this site where you can learn about understanding what pay stub means.

We stole some of his moments for our readers to have some chat-on-tea. Here we go with the gossips we had with him.

Q: What is your background? Education, Work Experience

A: Originally, I am Morocco-born and raised. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Film from New Mexico state university and a Masters’s (MFA) in Film from Vermont College of fine arts. I moved to the USA in 1998. I work as a Finance Director for GMC, Buick Automotive, and I make movies at the same time. I Have done many short films that won awards and I also worked on many feature films. Recently I made my own first feature film BROKEN GAIETE, that I wrote produced, and directed. The film was a huge success, it won 5 awards (Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor…) and was nominated 15.

Here is the list of all projects I did.

Q: How did you get your idea or concept to start showbiz as a career?

A: Art was always what I wanted to do since I was a child. I started theater when I was 6 years old. I continued to do so through high school and college where I was a member of the drama club. I was also a singer and I won a Moroccan tv show NOJOUM ALGHAD in 1996. Coming to the USA, I needed time to learn more and adapt to a new culture. Now I am ready.

Q: What was your mission at the outset?

A: My initial mission was to learn as much as possible. I had so many ideas but I needed the skills necessary to translate them into either big screen or television. That’s the reason why I pursued Education first.

Q: When did you “charter” the singing career and turned into films?

A: Honesty I haven’t I still hold signing in my heart, just not the right time yet. Both mediums are equally important to me like water and oxygen.

Q: What are the objectives on which you work?

A: I try to make the best art that makes people engage and think just a little. I consider my films like books hoping I can make a tiny change possible in humanity and bring some rationality into our thinking and how we behave like humans.

Q: What is unique about you?

 A: I believe uniqueness is just a term that we apply to someone who stays true to themselves nothing else. Therefore I see the world may be a little different only because I believe in humanity and I understand perspective well enough considering I lived in two different cultures. Multiculturalism can definitely bring enlightenment.

Q: How would you schedule your time to justice with your multi-activities?

A: Organization and get rid of excuses. I have a full-time job and a family and I still managed to go to school and create projects. I just believe if you want something you will find the way, if you don’t want it that much you will find excuses.

Q: What service(s)do you offer if someone approaches you for brand marketing?

A: I don’t have any brand to sell except my talent as a writer and a director.

Q: When would you decline a paid sponsorship?

A: If it goes against human morality that can cause or lead to harm.

Q: What is the most appealing role you think you have done ever?

A: Ironically I do a lot of drama of even mystery films, but I play comedy very well. I have done a few films as a comedy actor and they had a great reception.

Q: Describe a time when you had to respond to a negative comment in the industry. How did you handle it?

A: It depends on what negativity means in this contest. I am always open to criticism as long as it doesn’t attack the person. when my work is criticized I try to have an open discussion about it, because as I said earlier it is all perspective.

Q: Business personality or books! which influence you the most?

A: I would say both.

Q: What type of influencer you are?

A: The type who encourages people to think for themselves, the type who thinks everything is possible if you work hard, the type that believes we are all the same, humans.

Q: To what do you attribute your success?

A: My family, Mother, Father. All the siblings and of course to my wife Trudel who has been nothing but support no matter how hard it gets. Not to forget my children, I learn from them just as much as they learn from me.

Q: What do you look for in a new movie project as an actor?

A: Can I relate to it? Can I be true to the character? is this going to help anyone or is it just for money? I have to find authenticity in everything I do.

Q: How are you using your position to help promote the young talent?

A: My films always looking for new young talents. Most if not all Studios want professionals, I always encourage and push for new and young talent. In my last film, Broken Gaiete Most of the actors and crew are young talents from the local schools.

Q: Do you work locally or internationally?

A: Most of the recent work I did is USA-based, there are two projects in the works that will be made in other countries. So yes, I do work both Locally and internationally.

Q: You have done so many wonderful projects. Which one is the most memorable to you and why?

A: Broken Gaiete for sure is the most memorable one. It took us a year to shoot the film during the cold of the winter and the heat of the summer. We became (cast and crew) family as we went through good and bad. This film holds a place in my heart.

Q: How do you speak on the dark side of the fashion industry. What do you think should be done to ensure that it is a more positive, healthy, and supportive environment?

A: I think My film Broken Gaiete can actually answer this question. Like I said earlier, if we learn how to think, we can see the absurdity of not only the dark side of fashion but everything else and I honestly hope that my art can shed some light on people’s minds.

Q: Tell us about Broken Gaiete.

A: I see the film in three layers. On the surface, this man wakes up in the middle of nowhere not remembering his past, crosses this village with this woman who claims to be his mom. Discovering all these weird and strange rules, he decides to stay and live there. But things turn around and become very dangerous for him, and he has to figure out how to survive.

The other layer is really human development. You will see the five stages of human development, and that’s really what I based the film around. The bottom layer issues: social issues, human behavior, religion, and politics.

When I came here from Morocco, it was a culture shock for me. I didn’t speak with people for a year or two, just to learn and observe it. I realized that what could be right here is wrong there, and what’s wrong there is right here. Who’s right? Who’s wrong? It’s all perception. So I said: I’m gonna make a movie like that. I’m curious. I question a lot of things, and the movie is really about that.

Q: How has your lifestyle been affected due to the pandemic.

A: I think like everyone, there have been some tough times, especially some of my extended family members who have passed. But I kept on going like everyone else, and dark times will eventually fade with patience.

Q: You have built your personal brand and gained huge respect alone. What advice do you have for growing talent?

A: Pick your path and don’t stop. Work hard then harder, follow your gut and surround yourself with people that are better than you. Arm yourself with patience, nothing happens overnight, and remember the quicker you go up the quicker you fall. It is a process that takes discipline and never gives up.

Here we go with the link for your taste to know more about Mr. Hafid Abdelmoula:

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