At only 23 years old, Benjamin Muminovic is today the founder of several e-commerce brands, having generated several million euros. Let’s take a look at the inspiring journey of this young self-taught entrepreneur, who did everything he could to get by.

From salaried employee to financial freedom

A self-made man at the age of 23, Benjamin Muminovic has already generated several million e-commerce sales. However, nothing predestined him to the dream life he leads today.

It is because he knew how to believe in himself that he knows this success today.

Indeed, only three years ago, Benjamin Muminovic, who graduated with a CFC in logistics, began to string together interim mission after interim mission. He worked as a handler, factory worker, forklift operator, warehouse worker… via Adecco, Man Power, Randstad etc. 12 in total, he says! Although he hated these physically demanding jobs, it was difficult for him to find a permanent contract at his young age, as employers are reluctant to hire young people with little experience.

He then began to wonder about his future, his project being to go to university. At that time, the Bosnian strongly wished to obtain a professional maturity, then a federal patent and finally a federal master’s degree in the field of logistics.

In the end, he did not do any of this, because he quickly changed his mind along the way.

“I visualize myself in the future as if I had already obtained these diplomas.”

At this point, he asks himself two questions.

  1. Can I become a multimillionaire once I get these degrees? “No, with the completion of these degrees, in a prestigious company, I could probably expect a monthly salary of 20’000 CHF, which is not much.”
  2. Will I be happy in this future job? “No, even with high responsibilities and excellent working conditions. I am convinced that the work would be mostly routine and unstimulating.”

Following these two negative answers, Benjamin removes studies from his vocabulary.

But with the rhythm of his work, the young man from Yverdon-les-Bains (CH) is asking himself many questions. He doesn’t want to work like this until he retires, because spending his best years working for a boss is not in his plans. So he decided not to take the same path as all those around him.

The Bosnian opts for a risky choice. Being his own boss! “Entrepreneurship has no limits in terms of the income you can generate and creating your own business is a great challenge. The only limits are the ones we set for ourselves and not the ones the boss sets for us.”

He will be inspired mostly by his two cousins, Selmir and Samir, who have already succeeded in entrepreneurship. “Once at the family dinner, one arrived in a Porsche 911 convertible and the other in a Ferrari California convertible! I was in my Renault Clio! When I saw them like that, I said to myself “WAOUH! I want to be like them too”. Since that day, I understood that I had to change and go in the same direction as them. He was inspired by his cousins, because he felt capable of achieving something great and above all of being financially free.

He started to take an interest in sales and marketing and read a lot of books. He explores the web and finds opportunities in the field of e-commerce and digital marketing. He feels that an opportunity is offered to him.

Benjamin Muminovic, an employee with few financial resources at that time, decided not to go on vacation for the last three years. He does not leave Switzerland, saves the little money at his disposal to start an e-commerce business.

Thus, in 2018, Benjamin Muminovic took a leap of faith by creating his first brand that he markets online. For over a year, he will spend sleepless nights working hard to develop his brand, while still occupying his room at his parents’ house. All this while working his 45 hours a week. “My job was 9 hours a day carrying pallets and boxes,” he says. He will work hard during the week after work and on weekends day and night, hoping to see his project succeed.

The beginnings are difficult but the young Bosnian believes in himself and is very persevering. It is finally after several months and after having tried several strategies that Benjamin finally starts to reap the fruits of his efforts. He will indeed manage to generate figures never obtained before. In 2021, he launched several international brands, thanks to which he generated several million euros!

Today, Benjamin Muminovic runs his own companies in the UK and the US and already manages several people at the age of 23.

“Become a priority in your life.”

Benjamin Muminovic would like to remind you that success in e-commerce or in any other field is not a matter of luck, but of hard work. His success is due to his efforts and perseverance.

“You have to be able – and this is one of my greatest strengths – to listen to yourself and trust yourself even if you feel like you’re weird to others. Benjamin is weird, Benjamin is always alone, he’s not very sociable, Benjamin doesn’t go to parties, he doesn’t go out. Benjamin is always saving his money, he’s cheap. All those things that people said about me… That’s honestly what made me successful! The harder the fight the better the win.”

The Bosnian has already planned everything, retire in 5 years and start his family. A quote he has repeated a lot, “Pay the price now, so you can pay all the prices later.”

According to Benjamin Muminovic, the importance of focusing on yourself, working hard, making sacrifices now so you can later pay all the prices. “Like having the luxury of going to the gym twice a day, or taking your kids to school every day, spending more time with your wife and kids, etc. Not having children or a wife, but during the hard times in the business projecting myself into the future and thinking about this helped me a lot. That reason was strong.”

He notices that most of the parents around him work both 100%, have a busy professional life. They don’t have much time for their families and themselves! “So the quality of family life is not ideal. So I stress the importance of developing mostly passive income that will not require our presence, so we dissociate our time from money. I was lucky to have understood this reasoning at a very young age.

It took him 3 years of sacrifice and hard work, but according to him, anyone can become a multi-millionaire in 5 years if they strongly desire it. “I made it on my own, everything I own I worked for it. It is difficult today to build something from nothing. I was not born rich! Nobody gave me money or gifts. My mother is a factory worker and my father doesn’t work because of serious health problems. So of course you are proud when you build something with your hands. If you don’t step up, don’t believe in your dreams, no one will do it for you.”

Now an accomplished young entrepreneur, Benjamin Muminovic left his native Switzerland, to move to the United Arab Emirates in Dubai. “Being born and raised in Switzerland is probably one of the greatest opportunities I’ve had in my life, a real luxury. If I had been born in Bosnia-Herzegovina it would have been very difficult. I am very grateful for that. Switzerland has given me a lot. I am very grateful for that. The one thing I will not miss is the grey weather, from Yverdon-Les-Bains (CH) I need a warmer weather.

For the future, Benjamin Muminovic claims his desire to remain free. As for his e-commerce brands, the story is not written: “It is possible that my brands will develop on new continents quickly, or that they will gradually become more permanent. It all depends on how much my employees and I enjoy working for my companies. However, for Benjamin Muminovic, it is important to first increase his passive income by investing in real estate and the stock market.

As a bonus, he doesn’t hide a small envy for cryptocurrency and trading. The Bosnian owns a YouTube channel that he wants to focus on the field of personal development.

Helping people from his YouTube channel is very important to him. Personal development, mindset, health: a heterogeneous set of practices, belonging to various currents of thought and whose objective is the improvement of self-knowledge, the enhancement of talents and potentials, the improvement of the quality of personal life, the realization of one’s aspirations and dreams.

Helping people to develop their lives and become fulfilled people through the application of his advice would be one of his greatest pride.

Benjamin Muminovic keeps repeating that you have to believe in yourself and that anything is possible if you want to change your life. “With hard work, even a failure can surpass a genius.

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