In a Palm Beach, Florida divorce proceeding Laurel Bennett, a one time candidate for Mayor of Palm Beach and highly placed Mar-A-Lago Republican has been accused in her divorce by her husband, Benjamin Irish, of using fake identities to secure over $1,000,000 in U.S. properties and faking cancer to raid his insurance fund. 

A review of court records show over 90 pages of evidence filed to support the husband’s claims, including emails and text messages that show Bennett had her campaign advisor, Tom Vaughn, threaten Irish if they were exposed.

The court filings are of serious concern for Donald Trump’s inner circle. They describe Palm Beach Republicans falsifying intelligence to Trump about Osama Bin Laden being alive to position former  General Michael Flynn to conduct private lobbying ventures. The former President tweeted the fake story of Bin Laden being alive just days before he lost the nation’s most recent presidential election. 

The court case is a significant expose of corruption in American politics. 

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