U.S. Congressman Ted Yoho, fresh off of apologizing to Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez now finds himself in hot water with a real American Patriot. 

Congressman Ted Yoho

Lloyd Goodnow, the decorated Marine who formed Goodnow Frontier Investigations has sued Yoho in Tallahassee Federal Court for stiffing him and his team of intelligence agents on $16,000 in fees to hunt down terror training camps along the eastern seaboard. 

As a member of congress, Yoho conscripted Goodnow and his men to locate and provide urgent data about terror training camps in New York, Florida and Ohio. In one instance specialists drove over 2000 miles to steakout a terror cell operating from the confines of Islamberg, New York. The months of work by Goodnow Frontier Investigations generated a Congressional Report that Yoho pandered to the public for support, claiming he stood for God and Country.

The suit claims that when Goodnow asked Yoho to pay his $16,000 bill, Yoho first agreed and then went into hiding from the leatherneck and his crew, dodging the veterans while attending parties and portraying to voters that he was intent on protecting them from terror cells operating in their backyard.

“Yoho turned his back on his country and his voters. He stiffed the true heros, our veterans, and swept their findings under the rug. He put Floridians at risk and took food out of the mouths of our veterans and their families. Shame on him.” Said a source close to the inquiry.

A finding of facts by the court could give way for Yoho’s censure from Congress should it show he acted criminally or in sedition.

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