Muhammad Hasan Lakhani is a young and dynamic executive in the shipping industry. Mr. Lakhani was born to a wealthy Dubai-based business family on August 29, 1991 when they partnered with a Container Hire service. He worked with several companies in his professional tenure of 12 years. He is excelled in dealing with various challenges in life. He brought innovation in his approaches with his vast experience.

Hasan Lakhani Professional Life and Achievements:

Since 2018, Mr. Muhammad Hasan Lakhani Dubai is working in a leading shipping company and engaged in offshore shipping operations. He is well regarded to come up with innovative financial strategies to maintain liquidity. He has played many roles in his organization, such as developing a pipeline strategy, maintaining and creating market strategy, etc. 

Earlier, he was employed as an intern at Dry Cargo Chartering + Offshore operations. He completed his internship in this company at Clarksons Platou. He sharpened his skills and learned various techniques to maintain a relationship with clients by refining company policies. Some of his key responsibilities include managing and keeping track of market opportunities and trends.

Muhammad Hasan Lakhani Shipping has been highly skilled in developing various business strategies, and he is highly focused on his career. At Gadget Crazy, he worked with a keen interest in managing electronic goods’ inventory in 2008. He emerged with significant Logical and Analytical expertise, encouraged his team, and implemented innovative ideas while making informed decisions for his company.

Hasan Lakhani Early Life:

When talking about his educational background, Mr. Muhammad Hasan Lakhani studied at Mill Hill School till 2008 and David Lang & Dick College from 2008 to 2010. In terms of his hobbies, he had a keen interest in tennis. He played so well in his school days that he became the captain of his team. In fact, he assisted in team selection and practice with his sports manager. He is a member of the London-based Queen’s Club.

He established the Motoring5 Club with his intense passion for Motorsports in his college days. Later on, he led a successful business with his immense skills and experience. Hasan Lakhani Dubai is also a member of the London-based Royal Club, where he organizes and manages networking and club activities.


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