The year 2019 witnessed the transition of the crypto ecosystem from the proof-of-work (PoW) to proof of stake (PoS) based consensus mechanism.

And, because of its economic advantage, it soon attracted the interest of major players in the cryptosphere. The staking market was soon dominated and controlled by the whales.

But, now as the staking economy is expanding with greater participation from small investors, it is going to be the next big thing in the cryptosphere for 2020.

Therefore, let’s look at some of the best staking wallet options, through which you can stake coins and earn a stable passive income periodically.

Top Best Staking Wallets In 2020

  1. Blockchain Plus Wallet.
  2. Binance Exchange Wallet
  3. Trust Wallet
  4. Stakebox
  5. Ledger Wallet Pack
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  1. Blockchain plus wallet

1- Introducing blockchain plus wallet

Blockchain Plus Wallet is a cutting edge wallet application that gives you complete control over your funds, allows access to server-free solutions and secures your keys.

Blockchain Plus Wallet is like a full-security bank right inside your pocket. Blockchain Plus Wallet makes Staking and Supernodes highly secure using impenetrable mnemonic seed encryption.

Blockchain plus wallet lets you put coins or store Supernode right in your wallet. Besides, you can track rewards, status and other useful information.

This process is known as freezing and the system is designed to continue to return the due shares everyday.The process is similar to a lottery in which the number of crypto coins you hold is equivalent to holding a given number of lottery tickets.

A multi-blockchain Supernode is also a well-equipped node with multi-functional abilities and the power of a Supernode. It can handle transactions and decode multiple blocks of blockchain at the same time to produce maximum returns, lots of coins in bonus and rewards.

New generation Supernode technology has helped transform how Rewards and Collateral Requirements are figured out, they have also increased the rates of return (ROI) manifolds, an increase of around 12% per year of annual rewards for a single staked coin.

Supernode runs on 10 masternode, So when staking 1 coin on blockchain plus wallet, you will receive rewards for the following 10 coins top : BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, ZCASH, USDW, LINK, BSV, ETC, and DASH.

The reward for each coin you stake is 12% / year. Similarly, the reward for 10 coins is 144% / year.

To stake: You need to have active coins in the Wallet, The nuls minimum staking is 10$. and leave it running online. You can get rewards every day in your wallet.

Boasting over 400 of these immensely powerful Supernodes, the Blockchain Plus Wallet has built one of the best ever networks and is still growing faster and stronger compared to any other significant projects around. It is one of the only few networks that can claim a high return of investment and can ensure highest rewards for staking the fewest of coins.

Unique features of blockchain plus

  • Blockchain plus wallet is a world-leading crypto wallet allow staking coins and receiving your rewards in the form of other currencies.
  • Blockchain Plus is like a full-security bank right inside your pocket
  • Algorithms like Cross Chain Proof-of-Stake (CCPoS)
  • Super high security.
  • Supernode technology runs on 10 masternode
  • Multi-Blockchain Supernode technology
  • Lightning Network technology ,support for superfast transactions for Segwit enabled blockchain
  • when staking 1 coin on blockchain plus wallet, you will receive rewards for the following 10 coins top : BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, ZCASH, USDW, LINK, BSV, ETC, DASH.
  • A Supernode with a high ROI percentage
  • the nuls minimum staking is 10$
  • The reward for each coin you stake is 12% / year
  • The reward for 10 coins is 144% / year


   One free, simple, and secure blockchain wallet for all your devices.

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#2. Binance Exchange Wallet

Binance recently launched its dedicated staking platform allowing users to deposit PoS coins and earn staking rewards. It offers the simplest way to stake and earn rewards.

The main advantage of using Binance exchange for staking is, the user can start staking without having to set up their nodes. The users can simply earn rewards from the supported coins just holding the coins in their Binance account.

To make staking attractive with Binance, it offers additional promotional rewards to users and also doesn’t charge any fee on any staking operations. Also, Binance allows you to trade against your staked coins, and the coin balance and reward will get adjusted accordingly.

Currently, it offers to stake in all major PoS coins including TRON, NEO, ATOM, Tezos, Algorand, QTUM, Stratis, Stellar, Ontology, etc.

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#3. Trust Platform

The Trust Platform from Trust wallet is a staking and governance platform for token-based communities. Its primary aim is to make the staking economy more accessible and become a one-stop solution for the new decentralized financial world.

Currently, the Trust Platform supports staking in VeChain (VET), TRON (TRX), Callisto (CLO), TomoChain (TOMO), Tezos (XTX), Cosmos (ATOM), IoTeX (IOTX), and Algorand (ALGO).

The support for the hardware wallet will be added at later stages, that will allow you to stake right from your hardware wallet.

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#4. Stakebox

Staking using Stakebox is a bit different, but is a more efficient system compared to the processes followed by wallets like Ledger or Trust wallet.

Instead of a staking application, Stakebox offers customized cryptocurrency Raspberry Pi staking devices. In short, it offers coin specific staking device with the flexibility to use as per your convenience and without the need to connect it to your PC or MAC.

Stakebox devices are low energy consuming devices, that are suitable for running 24/7, thus making the staking process more profitable. And, with minimal human interference, it is very easy to use and operate.

It offers custom branded staking devices of 17 coins including QTUM, Reddcoin, PIVX,  CloakCoin, BitBay, Pinkcoin, Whitecoin, Denarius, etc.

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5. Ledger Wallet [Recommended]

Ledger wallet is one of the most popular, trusted, and secure crypto wallets in the market for storing cryptocurrency. And, also it allows you to stake more than 10 coins securely.

You can stake coins either using Ledger Live, the desktop application, or through your Ledger device. However, Ledger Live is only compatible with Tezos (XTZ)) and for other coins, you need your Ledger device with third-party apps.

Unlike other exchange wallets which offer limited control and transparency, Ledger offers users more control over the staking.

By using Ledger Live, the user can select validators from a long list based on their preferences and continue to process transactions in the right way. Also, it helps to keep the blockchain decentralized and safe.

The other advantage of staking with Ledger is, you receive rewards while holding the coins securely on your Ledger wallet.

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