A major alarm for restaurants and the hospitality industry right now is the use of physical menus. Since customers are cautious to touch the physical menus because of COVID-19.

Since printing disposable menus aren’t ideal given the rising costs, contactless SQRSCAN Code menus are a feasible option.

What is a SQRSCAN Code menu for restaurants?

SQRSCAN Code menus are digital menus that allow diners to scan the QR code and access on their mobile phones. As the restaurants reopen after the COVID-lockdown, to safeguard the safety of the diners, it is best for the restaurants to offer digital menus.

How to make an SQRScan Code menu?

Once your services are up and running in the cloud, SQRSCAN can provide you with a corresponding SQRSCAN code. With a quick tap or scan of the code with a smartphone, your customers can enjoy fully interactive menus, delivery options, customer loyalty perks, and additional services right in the palm of their hands!

The best part? Their service doesn’t require an app! All that’s needed is a quick scan or tap from a smart device and you’re ready to go! These SQRSCAN Codes can be placed on a unique signature sqrscan triangleaccessory pasted directly on the table or pasted on table-toppers.

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How to use SQRSCAN Code menus?

1. Place the SQRSCAN Codes menus on table toppers, on curbside posters or directly at ordering stations
2. When a consumer scans the SQRSCAN Code menu, they will be able to view the entire menu on their smartphones, avoiding unnecessary contact.
3. They can use this digital menu to place orders.

SQRSCAN Codes on menu cards:

Incorporate SQRSCAN codes in your menu card to let users know the nutritional value of each dish and see the images of what their order would look like before placing the order. It is only when you assist customers to make an informed buying decision that you can build a strong bond with your customers.

Enable mobile ordering with the scan of a SQRSCAN code:

Enable customers to place their orders right from their smartphone without having to repeat the order to a waiter. With a SQRSCAN code scan for mobile ordering, customers can also order at the restaurant and have the food delivered at home.

How to use dynamic SQRSCAN codes to boost restaurant sales

#1 SQRSCAN code campaigns based on the time of the day

#2 SQRSCAN code campaigns based on the day of the week

#3 Seasonal and festival based SQRSCAN code campaigns

#4 SQRSCAN code campaigns with flash deals update/ limited period offers

#5 SQRSCAN code campaigns to update information

SQRscan is the next evolutionary step for businesses in the service and hospitality 
industries. By offering services based in the cloud, you can reduce wait times, boost 
customer loyalty, cut down on business costs and much more!

SQRscan offers following solutions:

  • SQRmenu
  • SQRdelivery
  • SQRloyalty
  • SQRcard

It is already adopted by top class brands of town in Dubai which shows the power behind their technology and services. They have been in the market since 2018 and their core objective has always been digital QR Menus for outlets, hotel rooms.

They are offering a free trial in light of the current COVID 19 situation to show support to F&B Industry worldwide. You can log on to SQRScan to explore their services, offers, and a free trial, of course!

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