Job interview sessions are crucial life moments. It is literally a few hours of the interviewee’s lifetime dedicated to displaying the very best of himself to hit the price -the dream job!

Beyond doubts, this process can be pretty tricky and technical at the same time. One minute, you’re sure you’re prepared to face a ‘hungry’ panel, and the next minute, you wonder how things suddenly began to go south and awry.

Most times, the truth isn’t that we were ill-prepared, not confident or sure of ourselves. It could be that we were under intense pressure to make a good impression or, most importantly, we had left out vital information pertinent to making that job ours.

Did you know that handling a standard in-person job interview requires a technique way different from handling a telephone or video interview? Also, you probably didn’t realize that no two interviews are the same, and refusing to tailor your preparation strategically to suit each organization would ruin your chances of being picked.

If you find yourself thoroughly doubting your knowledge on the above rhetorics, then Christine Reidhead did have you in mind when she wrote her best-selling book, “GET THAT JOB! Ace Your Job Interview -Every Time!”

The book is a gold mine and a go-to reference for fresh college graduates and millennials who are having a hard time building confidence and navigating the professional career world. The second session of the book answers pretty much all questions pertaining to the actual process of an interview, how you should prepare for it, and what you should do afterward.

Sometimes, interviewees come out of a session all stressed out or nursing a terrible headache due to the effects of general nervousness. As normal as we might try to make it seem, Christine’s book assures a healthy way around it. You can stroll out of a session as seamlessly as you strolled in, and yes, there’s a technique as well.

The third and the fourth section of the book, which is perhaps the most exciting and mind-blowing, addresses common interviewee mistakes you never thought existed. You never thought existed?! Well, Yes! Most times, we’re so carried away with the heat of the moment or are overwhelmed with much confidence that we commit blunders absent-mindedly.

Remember that last interview you attended where you absent-mindedly swung from side to side on the swivel chair? Well, that said a lot to the panel, for your information.

This short but explicitly written book holds the key to unlocking the job of your dreams. The author’s expertise in the corridors of professionalism birthed the need for this book, which is now a No. 1 best seller. The delectable author, Christine Reidhead, worked in the academia from 2011, after which she took a role as an Accountant with Navajo Technical University.

At the same University, she became the Director of Athletics, Wellness Center Manager, and Contracts, and also Grants Manager. Christine is currently the University’s Assistant Professor of Business and Program Manager for the Department of Transportation Grant. She is also a Business and Education Department Chair and Faculty Vice President

Now! You know Christine knew what she meant when she said, Get That Job! Don’t you?

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