Stake experts has just published the first edition of its African Geopolitical ATLAS 2020. This 222-pages bilingual (English and French) book aims to provide decision-makers with a snapshot of the geopolitical changes taking place on the continent during the study period. It is the result of two years of collecting and processing statistical data from the 54 countries of the African continent.

The first 2020 edition of the African Geopolitical ATLAS covers the 2018 and 2019 two years’ period. The concept is that of a collection of 30 thematic maps and 54 country monographs divided into three parts.

To produce this ATLAS, the editing team focused on the decision-making value of the mapped data, i.e. their capacity to provide essential elements for an informed decision on the chosen themes. As such, it is a policy-oriented publication, intended to provide useful benchmarks for decision-making.

In this first edition of the African Geopolitical ATLAS, Stake experts is pleased to offer the reader, 84 geographical and thematic maps to capture a snapshot of the geopolitics of the continent in 2018 and 2019. More than just maps, these are 84 outlooks of Africa in 2020.

About Stake experts

Stake experts is a consulting firm that helps organizations to more serenely address the security risk in the African context. We specialize in political and security analysis, setting up of monitoring and early warning systems on the African continent, and training on security crisis management. This allows us to offer our partners a complete solution for decision support and project management sensitive to the security risk on the continent.

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