Jeff Bezos Is One of Our Finest Billionaires & We Owe Him a Substantial Apology
  • Analysts no longer too prolonged ago projected Jeff Bezos to alter into the world’s first trillionaire.
  • Folks maintain criticized Bezos relentlessly earlier than, during, and since then.
  • All he’s carried out is excel at his position whereas providing American citizens with jobs and large products and providers. It’s time to inch serve the animosity.

Jeff Bezos has been badgered relentlessly during this pandemic. However he’s repaired his pandemic response. He’s equipped us with a in actuality mandatory carrier. And Bezos is a noteworthy better person than many tech billionaires who are coasting by this pandemic unscathed.

We must accrued be ashamed of ourselves for making an attempt to trash this man. We hate him thanks to his wealth, however we’re those handing him our money.

As loopy as it sounds, we owe the richest man on Earth a broad apology.


What About These Sinful Tech Billionaires?

Jeff Bezos is no longer a likable man. He could per chance no longer even be a ‘sharp man.’ however in the case of tech billionaires, he’s removed from the worst. Honest select a watch on the rap sheet of about a of his contemporaries:

Designate Zuckerberg

Designate Zuckerberg has tiptoed his system by this pandemic with nary a scratch. However let’s be correct, he could per chance well be the most unhealthy man in this text.

Many other folks are blaming Donald Trump’s procrastination on the 100,000 American lives that COVID-19 has claimed. However isn’t Designate Zuckerberg an accomplice?

His company, Facebook, reputedly did every little thing it is going to to let Trump manipulate his system into voters’ hearts. As seen in the Netflix documentary “The Expansive Hack,” Cambridge Analytica took abet of Facebook’s careless consume of our inner most files and spread misinformation.

Zuckerberg even deliberate on monitoring Android customers at one level. Add in the 10+ scandals outlined by Industry Insider, and this man makes Jeff Bezos glance appreciate the Dalai Lama.

Invoice Gates

Whereas many of the knocks in opposition to Invoice Gates are of the rumored fluctuate, there’s one ingredient we all know for certain. The rather about a ‘Richest Man in the World’ was friends with intercourse trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.

In step with The New York Times, Gates befriended Epstein, put up-intercourse offense conviction. He rode in his jet. He even stayed at Epstein’s atrocious mansion gradual into the evening no longer much less than as soon as.

Gates has been accused of forcing vaccinations on other folks with out their consent, which resulted in deaths. Even his world-well-known philanthropy comes with broad quiz marks.

However hi there, Jeff Bezos cheated on his valuable other and then gave her $38 billion. That appears to be like appreciate a sharp substitute.

Elon Musk

After Jeff Bezos was trip into the bottom for no longer providing ample PPE for his workers, Elon Musk was cheered for forcing his workers serve on the road.

In February, he opened a Tesla plant in Shanghai throughout the height of the pandemic in China.

He incites protestors and consistently downplays the specter of COVID-19. Many mumble it’s as a result of he wants Tesla active to serve fetch him an ungodly payday.

Jeff Bezos has since dedicated $4 billion to COVID-19 response, whereas Musk is propped up appreciate a superhero no matter consistently acting appreciate moderately of 1.

Jeff Bezos & Amazon Are Thriving During the Pandemic On tale of We Need Them

All of us hate the muse of a trillionaire. That’s understandable. However let’s bring together one ingredient straight – he is no longer a trillionaire. Some analysts project that he’ll be by 2026. These analysts potentially didn’t project the COVID-19 pandemic. Things can substitute.

Regardless, Jeff Bezos is intensely wisely off. However The usa runs on capitalism, and these things are certain to occur. Many other folks bring together pleasure from the design. Why build you imagine he’s so wisely off in the principle position?

He enables us to select items at a low ticket which could per chance well be dropped at us with graceful trip. He created an very good industrial mannequin that’s change into even more excessive during lockdowns. Bezos isn’t making the most of a crisis, he’s sharp responding to our search data from. We made him wisely off. That’s our money in his pockets.

He’s no longer a monster who tricked us. He’s an entrepreneur who nailed it.

May per chance per chance possibly also Jeff Bezos Be Planning to Keep the World?

Whereas right here is pure hypothesis, what if Jeff Bezos is de facto a sharp person? With the climate looming as a noteworthy higher threat than this pandemic, Bezos is making moves.

He talks about constructing dwelling colonies, and we select he’s out to assign himself. However what if he’s in actuality out to assign humanity?


He already saved an American institution in The Washington Post. He even equipped Total Meals and straight made it more cheap. What a ghastly man!

Sure, he must accrued pay system more taxes. However it undoubtedly’s no longer appreciate he’s breaking the law. May per chance per chance possibly also accrued he pay Amazon workers more? Most likely. However they accrued select to work there. He’s given when it comes to a million other folks a job.

Amazon could per chance wisely be far too expansive at this level. That’s no longer Jeff’s fault. He’s sharp doing his job exceptionally wisely. Bezos and Amazon maintain a lot of room for enchancment, however so build we.

Let’s delivery by apologizing.

Disclaimer: The opinions in this text build no longer basically replicate the views of The creator holds no position in Amazon.

This article was edited by Josiah Wilmoth.


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