The importance of washing hands has been emphasized. However, due to the inconvenience of carrying soap and water all the time, the consumption of hand sanitizers has increased rapidly. Companies weren’t ready for the sudden increase in demand. So, it was easy to see that a majority of hand sanitizers were sold out. In this crisis, Bonsystems Global were ready to supply the needs. The following article will present how they were able to prepare this whole situation and how it might give an answer to other companies.

Bonsystems Global kept an eye on the market constantly. Even before the pandemic, they noticed that the sales of hand sanitizers were rising slowly. And foresaw that one day there would be a boom of hand sanitizers. Therefore, they bought plastic pumps and bottle wholesale services in advance. Due to their preparation, they were able to respond flexibly to the customers requests. The manager of Bonsystems Global Trading Team mentioned that “We (Bonsystems Global) started from OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) consulting which helped us achieve long-term product developing experience and also enabled us to keep pace with the changing market.” Due to their anticipation of the trend in the market, they could obtain the items with high demand in stock.

For companies who are keen to keep up with the customers need, Bonsystems Global would be a great option that is worth considering. It is not just empty hand sanitizer bottles they have. Pumps, sprays, flip caps, and disc caps are available also. They have various products in hand to react flexibly to the buyers’ request. Since they have them all in stock, the products can be provided in a shorter time compared to other suppliers.

Bonsystems Global already have the experience of exporting to companies located in UK and Australia. Moreover, they are receiving inquiries from companies in other countries as well. Therefore, if you are a company looking for products related to personal hygiene, Bonsystems Global definitely is the answer to your concerns.

For companies that are interested, their webpage is ( or can be contacted via email (

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