Azealia Banks Tries to ‘Atomize’ Dave Chapelle
  • Azealia Banks claimed she slept with Dave Chappelle.
  • She’s also claiming to “order” Dave East & Busta Rhymes.
  • Banks is problematic and jumpy, and she needs to be canceled already.

Azealia Banks has in a roundabout intention escaped smash culture.

That’s the one motive she’s in a role to remark that she slept with Dave Chappelle in her newest, and most desperate, uncover for attention.

However when is sufficient at remaining sufficient?

Azealia Banks Needs To ‘Atomize Dave Chappelle’s Marriage’

Banks — interestingly seething on the attention that Nicki Minaj, Lana Del Rey, and Doja Cat had been getting as of slack — awoke at the moment searching some attention for herself.

So, she took to her Instagram reviews to unleash chaos.

Azealia Banks threatened to ‘slay Dave Chappelle’s marriage.’ She’s interestingly upset that varied “industry dudes” don’t reach to her rescue when the media calls her out on her nonsense.


I could well well accumulated repeat the arena that we f*cked. That we F*CKED! You received some appropriate d*ck, [expletive]. I could well well accumulated repeat the arena that we F*CKED!

Wisely. Alright then. Congratulations.

Banks then goes on to detail how rapper Dave East tried to fee her $25,000 for a characteristic. She then claimed that she had an affair with Adrian Grenier, and claimed that uber-macho rapper Busta Rhymes is homosexual.

All of this could be fashioned industry gossip, appropriate for a snigger and a headline or two, if it got right here from somebody however the problematic Azealia Banks.

Banks Traits For All the pieces As opposed to Her Song

It’s inviting to take care of in mind the leisure time Azealia Banks made headlines for the music she makes (which isn’t half of-inaccurate).

And that’s the topic: this isn’t the first time she’s made headlines for the entire wicked reasons.

Support in 2016, Azealia Banks all as soon as more claimed that the males within the entertainment industry — particularly, the shaded males — didn’t stride to her defense when she wished it most.

For some motive, though, Azealia Banks aimed her fury at rapper Wale.

And as she did, she claimed that shaded males enslaved Africans, and complained that “Unlit ladies folks had been never appropriate sufficient for shaded males.”

Optimistic, truly.

She’s in general typically known as Irish folks “inbred.” She claims she slept with Elon Musk shortly earlier than his relationship with Grimes went public. She’s embroiled in a imperfect, ongoing feud alongside with her mentor, the rapper T.I. She’s slammed Lana Del Rey. Her racist rant in opposition to Zayn Malik received her eradicated from a British music festival. She’s been suspended from Twitter endless cases. She unsuccessfully sued Russell Crowe after she falsely claimed the Oscar-a success actor assaulted her. She in contrast the homosexual community to the Ku Klux Klan.

And if all that wasn’t sufficient, Azealia Banks is a vocal supporter of Donald Trump.

With the entire folks “smash culture” silences day-to-day, it’s wonderful that it’s but to break Azealia Banks. However the canceling is long overdue.

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This article was as soon as edited by Aaron Weaver.


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