A huge database of 8 billion Thai web data leaks

Thailand’s greatest cell community AIS has pulled a database offline that used to be spilling billions of true-time web data on hundreds of thousands of Thai web customers.

Security researcher Justin Paine said in a blog put up that he discovered the database, containing DNS queries and Netflow data, on the come by without a password. With come by entry to to this database, Paine said that someone may perchance “hasty paint a describe” about what an web user (or their household) does in true-time.

Paine alerted AIS to the open database on May maybe well well moreover 13. However after no longer hearing support for every week, Paine reported the apparent safety lapse to Thailand’s nationwide pc emergency response team, identified as ThaiCERT, which contacted AIS relating to the open database.

The database used to be inaccessible a transient whereas later.

It’s no longer identified who owns the database. Paine beneficial TechCrunch that the roughly data discovered in the database can greatest reach from someone who’s in a region to tune web traffic because it flows all the map in which thru the community. However there’s no easy map to distinguish between if the database belongs to the come by provider — or one of its subsidiaries — or a huge venture customer on AIS’ community. AIS spokespeople did now not answer to our emails requesting observation.

DNS queries are a frequent facet-fabricate of the usage of the come by. At any time whereas you talk about with a site, the browser converts a web address into an IP address, which tells the browser where the come by page lives on the come by. Although DNS queries don’t elevate deepest messages, emails, or sensitive data treasure passwords, they may be able to identify which web sites you come by entry to and which apps you advise.

However that can even be a distinguished misfortune for excessive-threat americans, treasure journalists and activists, whose web data may perchance maybe be veteran to identify their sources.

Thailand’s web surveillance prison pointers grant authorities sweeping come by entry to to web user data. Thailand also has one of the strictest censorship prison pointers in Asia, forbidding any roughly criticism in opposition to the Thai royal family, nationwide safety, and probably political components. In 2017, the Thai military junta, which took vitality in a 2015 coup, narrowly backed down from banning Fb all the map in which thru the country after the social community giant refused to censor certain customers’ posts.

DNS question data can even be veteran to come by insights into an individual’s web advise.

The usage of the data, Paine showed how someone with come by entry to to the database may perchance be taught a bunch of things from a single web-linked dwelling, just just like the roughly devices they owned, which antivirus they ran, and which browsers they veteran, and which social media apps and web sites they frequented. In households or workplaces, many americans portion one web connection, making it a ways more tense to set web advise support to a particular individual.

Advertisers also salvage DNS data helpful for serving focused adverts.

Since a 2017 legislation allowed U.S. web suppliers to sell web data — treasure DNS queries and taking a investigate cross-check histories — of their customers, browser makers come by pushed support by rolling out privateness-enhancing applied sciences that originate it tougher for web and community suppliers to snoop.

One such know-how, DNS over HTTPS — or DoH — encrypts DNS requests, making it a ways more tense for web or community suppliers to know which web sites a customer is visiting or which apps they use.


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