In 1993, a petition was filed to help the child get his Heirship and rights of paternity from 9/11’s deceased Michael. Family and friends of Michael were always well-aware of his relationship with Gwendolyn Denise Philips and also about the conception of their son Austin conceived after a 8 year relationship. Michael IGNORED is responsibility towards Gwendolyn and his unborn son then lied to his family in two important areas: 1) That the women that he was living with did not have the type of relations that would create a life 2) That she (His lover, Partner and confidant) said she (Not We) is now pregnant and he doesn’t understand how 3) That he set up two appointments to take a DNA test. Upon Cross examination of the Fiduciary about these pints, she could not name the appointment dates, the doctor nor the location of the doctor’s office to cover these fabrications. For financial gain, knowing that they could never accept being treated in such a disrespectful manner, 3 Generations of Michael Morgan Taylor’s family immediately supported him in the cover up. He was not willing to pay even a single penny for a child’s support knowing that he not only fathered a son but as a habitual habit with other women.

It is not sure whether Michael Morgan was feared from his family regarding his relationship with a colored lady and his son or didn’t want to pay anything for child’s support to avoid further paternity responsibilities, but it brought many troubles for innocent lady Gwendolyn and her son Austin in later years. She didn’t want to bring-up her son in an environment where she was mentally being tortured by Michael’s family. So, she moved to London in 1996 where she decided to send Austin in the best schools to get the quality education for which she managed all the expenses by doing 3 jobs.

During all these years, Michael’s family employed all the means to avoid the real heir of his entire estate and nominated so-called beneficiaries for Michael’s entire estate.

“Sources say Leah Taylor author of “My Invisible Uncle” and the daughter of Fiduciary Mary Kaye Crenshaw is anamateur journalist whoalong with other family members is a contributing factor in spreading Fake News Stories.”

Sources say, On the witness stand the fiduciary gave many revealing statements about their brother having been in a relationship with at least 5 women yet dispelled the notion that he could have been a womanizer. Despite stating that many women came out of the woodwork with paternity claims in which they choose to ignore the admitted alcoholic maintained her brothers’ virtues.  More importantly, when Gwendolyn stated on the witness stand that: upon the morning that she confirmed that she was indeed pregnant she found Michael entertaining yet another female in the bedroom of his apartment before 9 am in the morning.

After many decades of conciliatory correspondences inviting the entire Taylor family to be part of Austin’s life, they in turn sent a 3 page hand written letter pinned by Beneficiary Kathlyn Taylor Teare on behalf of the entire family, This letter confirmed that they were aware of the Michael’s Son, But choose to IGNORE the child’s any responsibility of the back-child’s support in which he never paid .01 cent in any way. Therefore, collectively, they buried the truth by believing the fabrications of their brother to their advantage. Furthermore, the people sitting in the court at the time of hearing observed the puzzled and vague statements given by the Fiduciary in charge of a Multi-Million Dollar Estate.

“They Always Knew about Michael Morgan Taylors Actions,

The Entire Family Simply Didn’t Give a Damn”

In the Matter of the Fiduciary Conduct and Favoritism along with perjury committed during the filling of “Letters of Administration” while making false claims concerning the value of the estate, the businesses, properties and monetary value left by the decedent.

2- Letter

A Handwritten Letter written by Beneficiary Kathleen Taylor Tear on behalf of the Family

During his lifetime thus far, pre and post Mortem Michael nor his entire family made no attempts to contact the mother and child for restitution. Furthermore, they never celebrated his birthday March 28, 1994 or give him any gift on Christmas or other occasions.

Because they preferred the money to a relationship with Michael Morgan Taylor’s son and the women he chooses to love.

Taylor Made Wine Vineyards and Jerry “Uncle Tom” Bias:   He is another important character affecting the credibility of the case and determined about. He is the one who is also putting forth unsubstantiated Fabrications in favor of Michael’s family members.

He was the equal partner in Taylor’s Made Vineyards now renamed, the assets from Michael’s Morgan Taylor the namesake of the company and Mr. Bias Mentor. Contribution is only known by the Fiduciary. The Fax between Jerry “Uncle Tom” Bias and the Attorney T. Randolph Harris of McLaughlin and Stern, according to the information on, is full of Fabrications and evident of a long standing (26 yr ) conspiracy based on White Supremacy which slandered  the Character of Michael’s chosen partner and the mother of his child Gwendolyn, an Executive Legal Secretary and someone Bias Never meet! Bias also an African American with a black Mother, never met Gwendolyn but made numerous Attacks on Gwendolyn’s character via the FAX attached. The money and borrowing of the credit cards are wrong and fake statements.

Sources find that Gwendolyn was financially independent driving a Candy Apple Red Maserati which matched Michael’s Porsche 911. She worked as an Exec. Legal Secretary and maintained an apartment on the West side of Manhattan to keep her West Highland White & Scottish Terriers.” Name Bonnie and Clyde.  After leaving New York she returned to Houston to have their son and later relocated to London where she fell in love with a man who raised Austin as his own while sending his top private schools in Switzerland. Gwendolyn a professional polo player, represented England in the Cartier World Cup Polo on Snow in St. Moritz in 2000 thus designates her title of Gwendolyn, Lady of Ash borough who the world has known her by for over the twenty years.

Many Americans don’t understand how racism will take the same person where, on one continent they are elevated to the status that garners Wealth, Dignity and respect and in the country where they are born are treated like a 4th class citizen. This is the reason why Gwendolyn Raised Austin in Europe sending him to the finest schools in Gstaad, Switzerland & Monaco without any help from his fathers’ racist family.

It is obvious that the entire family, their friends, and Attorneys are morally corrupt for financial gain. Therefore, the case will be down to the decision of the Surrogates Court Judge Rita Milia to bring a long-standing 27 years old paternity case to a close in hopefully in the favor of the  mother Gwendolyn and rightful Heir Austin.


Attorney T. Randolph Harris and Jerry Bias and A FAX with a intended objective to defame the character of the Mother of the rightful heir

Karma is in the Air! Hopefully, the Taylor’s and their greedy misguided attorneys and friends can “Root in Hell themselves”, for attempting such an ill-planned Conspiracy for Financial Gain against an innocent woman and Child.

Due to the fact that, They Always Knew, They Just Didn’t Give a Damn!



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