“They refused to give the Child his heirship while degrading an Innocent Woman”

Apparently, there are no Nazis’ exits today but their leftover and obsession to hate the mixed-race or black people still can be found in white people living in the West. There are still many people who like Jim Crow’s Law and hardly want to give equal status and rights to black people living in their society. So, they are considered insiders and outsiders at the same time in their own homeland.

Michael Morgan Taylor was one of the very successful traders at Cantor Fitzgerald who earned and made assets more than $1 million during his short life. It is said he has been in habit of playing with the life of many women, having dates and even intimacy and sexual relationships with them, and then denied about maternity of his own children born from that women. Taylor’s family also accepts this fact somehow and later on tried to falsify the fact by spreading rumors and fake news.

Fake News

Fake News article published on www.DNAinfo.com by James Fanelli

During the incident of 9/11 when many people lost their lives in that terrific attack, Michael Morgan Taylor was also one of them who were found dead. The New York Surrogate County court received an application from his son Austin Rutherford Colby claiming the deceased MorganTaylor was his father according to the documents, and so he is the heir of his $1 million property — Mary Kaye Crenshaw (an Estate Administrator and sister of Morgan Michael) didn’t believe all this considering it the act of greed and wicked plan of Black lady and her son to get a handsome share from the assets of her deceased brother. She also opposed Colby’s petition to test the DNA by the NYC Medical Examiner’s Mass Fatality Department. The DNA report attached below is a strong proof Colby is the son of Michael and heir of his property. Apparently, Michael kept on telling lies to his family about his relationship with Philips and child, and now family members are also looking for some reason to not to accept the reality. Moreover, Fiduciary Mary Kaye Krenshaw herself admitted on different occasions as court testimonial that her brother Michael disclosed he was having relationship with Lady Gwendolyn de Ashborough and left her when she was expecting with the intentions to deny paternity attributed to him.

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“Approved and Attested DNA test and Child Support Order”

Instead of receiving the approved and attested DNA report results and Child Support Order, Michael’s family still have strong intentions to confiscate the child’s rights and falsify everything proving the matter true; even they Perjured on the Letters of Administration” by stating Michael had NO children. Moreover, Fiduciary split the Assets and changed the actual value of the estate by breaking it up in pieces to avoid bill collectors and paternity suits with the rightful heirs to claim the “Entire” estate.

Michael’s sisters’ request for DNA reports from the family members has also the intention of making conspiracy denial. Case Number 2001-3975 B is still unsolved in NY Surrogates Court where Morgan Michael has been denying paying the child support since 1993. It is true that Michael’s family and his friends were indeed aware of the intimate relationship between Michael and Lady Gwendolyn de Ashborough  and their child’s birth but the greed for money and Nazi’s racial thoughts of the family are still prohibiting them to accept the child as the real heir of their deceased brother. How long they will deprive the child of his heirship, only because he is from another race – thus the case is based on racism and greed.

Due to constant rejection and denial from Morgan Taylor’s family members (Mary Kate Crenshaw, Jim Taylor, Kathleen Taylor Teare, and Michael’s mother, Clara Shulte Taylor) to give Colby his heirship from the estate really showing their Nazis’ behavior to accept their brother’s son who was mixed-race. This is all happening because his mother (Lady Gwendolyn de Ashborough) is black completely unacceptable for Taylor’s family. This shows the wickedness, greedy and coward side of the whole Morgan Taylor’s family.  Today, many other black women living in The United States have the same dilemma but no one ever tried to hear them. They are often from middle-class families who can’t afford hiring best attorneys, court fee and other expenditures to win such cases.

Colby is now 25 years old—his mother has worked hard during the whole past years to bear the expenses of his studies and all other expenditures to provide him quality life and education. He is now graduated. Moving to England in 1996 was the best decision made by the mother to give the son the best education and an environment in which he don’t face racial differences as she faced from Michael’s family who also refused child support.

It is not only the case of heirship Colby’ mother is looking for from Taylor when he was alive, and now from his family, but also the status and the respect in society they deserve especially from Michael’s family and white people as well. Moreover, they are using the assets of Michael’s real heir (Austin Rutherford Colby) to win the case that is unjust. This all has made the mother and child think how the media and court laws are unable to give the justice to a woman from the different race under the domination of Nazis’ thoughts society where white people are confiscating and extorting the rights of blacks in many ways by keeping  Jim Crow’ s Wicked Law in mind.

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