Matrixport to Release Directional Products to Leverage Halvening

Amidst the current economic climate, Singapore-based Matrixport has responded by launching two innovative directional products that offer flexibility and support for BTC investors.

One-stop digital asset financial service platform, Matrixport, has unveiled two new investment products: Bull Punter and Bear Punter. This initiative is designed to help investors navigate their way through the approaching 2020 BTC Halvening.

Bull Punter and Bear Punter are non-principal protected investment products that allow investors to leverage based on their perceptions of the market trend. As the name suggests, Bull punter and Bear Punter are products tailored for a bull market and a bear market respectively. Investors who predict a bull market and purchase Bull Punter, would be paying for the opportunity to receive the settlement based on Settlement Rules when the price of BTC goes up. Otherwise, the product will be ineffective.

The advantage of this is that investors will not suffer further loss from purchasing the product while having the potential of leveraging within the market. Similarly, for the Bear Punter, investors expecting a drop in BTC prices would receive a settlement when they purchase this product if the price of BTC decreases. Both products offer a viable solution for investors that carry different sentiments towards the trend of BTC prices, whilst removing the worries about profit margins.

This comes shortly after the recent push by the company to appeal to the Russian market and the launch of Dip Hunter in February, which is a wealth management tool that aids users in buying BTC during market dips.

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About Matrixport

Founded in February 2019 with investment by Jihan Wu, the Chairman and CEO of Bitmain, Matrixport is a one-stop digital asset finance service platform headquartered in Singapore, with offices worldwide. With rich industry resources and leading technical strength, Matrixport aims to create the next generation digital financial service platform.

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Last modified: April 8, 2020 5:13 PM UTC


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