Mabelle Prior, the Founder of Switzerland Most Beautiful and author of Beyond Race says her greatest responsibility to her children is to teach them Dignity.

To ensure they do not serve as mascots for the vile and the corrupt.

That they do not make contraptions out of bits of sexism and misogyny for others who ultimately disregard their gender and their position in life.

That they choose good conscience over wealth every single time.

That they are not moved by those who mock them for believing dignity is greater than money.

That they renounce evil when it shows up and forces or dares them to defend its ways.

That they are never impressed by those who hold any form of power, those who use it to their own benefit – even for the intellectuals who speak from both sides of the mouth for the sake of bread, for the sake of greed, for the sake of camaraderie.

She also wants her children to criticize every issue with courage and a sound mind.

That they never have to wait for the voice of any group of people, cliques, or gathering before they speak what they know to be the truth.

That they do not depend on the stipend of anyone – no matter how much that stipend is.

That they do not serve as bulldogs to the elite, defending the un-defendable. 

That their voice and strength are reserved for only that which is noble and right.

That they are part of a system that holds itself to higher standards.

That they are not moved by the disgraceful humility of people that are always “hungry”, greedy, needy.

That they never ever choose to forgive anyone who disrespects whatever they cherish or stand for.

That their voices be loud, unafraid and willing to take the punches.

That they never become dogs to politics, fools to religion, idiots to society.

That they never get to a time when they excuse a threat to inhuman behavior or shame because it comes from someone they want (in)direct favors from.

That they stand – even if with very little. That money is never the real pursuit, but a clear purpose to protect their Dignity against all the wickedness of the world.

Mabelle Prior who is married to Denis Prior, is the mother of Delase Ephraïm and Lina Prior an award-winning Hollywood kid actress.  Following links can be used to reach:


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