The history of people of African descendants’ struggle for their rights in an Anglo Saxon Dominated Society not new, there are many cases in the history where the African- Americans were denied equal rights. Still, minorities living among white-dominated society are suffering through differential treatment. Sometimes, they face:” Willful Neglect and “Judicial injustices” are another form of oppression. .It is reported that there are more than 40% of women in the USA with children but are having not receiving child support from the biological fathers.

The story of Gwendolyn and her beloved son “Austin Rutherford Colby’s have been embroiled in a Paternity case over the child’s father’s entire estate.” This would never have been a problem if Michael Morgan Taylor hadn’t fallen in love with an African American. The incident of Terrorist Attacks of 9/11 left much of Americans with memories that are not easily erased.  Michael Morgan Taylor was High Yield Bond Trader for Cantor Fitzgerald, Austin’s biological father died during these attacks on that fateful day. He left Gwendolyn and his son Austin with no provisions for security and no acknowledgement of his intent to claim the paternity of his son. This vulnerability opened the door to the unscrupulous intent of his surviving family members to claim, distribute, distort the truth and then cover up the true value of Michael’s Estate.

Honorable relationships between a man and women in an adult mutual consensual relationship are the willingness to be responsible for each other and any children that are created from the relationship. Michael Morgan Taylor was in a relationship with Gwendolyn Denise Phillips based on Continuity, Purpose, Longevity, Matrimony, Monogamy, and Purpose. Sources verify that this relationship spanned 8 years where she was introduced to parents and colleagues of the decedent. It was not until she became pregnant at 32 years of age (Michael 33) that he immediately distanced himself from the situation with no explanation.

Michael’s parents, siblings, colleagues, and attorneys were made aware of his relationship and his bi-racial child.

Michael should have had the remorse for the women and child, he abandoned in 1993 yet out of protectionism for his assets he continued to ignore all responsibilities until his death in 2001. Although he knew he fathered many children he managed to avoid the Attorney Generals’ Child Support Enforcement Taskforce’s attempts to contact him about supporting the child he left. In 1996, after moving to London, Gwendolyn sent Austin to private schools JFK and Le Rose in Gstaad, Switzerland without any financial help from the father.


“Austin Rutherford Colbyis the Real Heir of Michael Morgan Taylor’s Entire Estate”

After placing a motion to have a Numeric Profile comparison a 99.98% DNA Test was accepted by Judge Rita Milia of the New York Surrogates Court thus confirming what the Taylor’s dreaded and knew all along that Austin is the Rightful Heir to the Estate of his father Michael Morgan Taylor.  Their Willful Neglect, Avoidance, Media financed Character Assassination Tactics were not working.  So they are no counting on the Open and Notorious Jim Crow Law which allows the wealthy to father as many children as possible without remorse or responsibility.

Biased Judiciary System and Faulty Reasoning:

Despite, the overwhelming proof of a 99.98% DNA Test, the court is still taking “Open and Notorious Jim Crow’s Law” into consideration. It shows the biased side of the judiciary system where African-Americans can’t trust fairness and justice. The mother has spent a considerable amount to let her son get his right of heirship but all the efforts are getting no fruitful results till now. Judiciary doesn’t want to show responsibility and honesty where a common person can expect justice.

Michael died without a “Last Will and Testament” therefore Michael’s parents James and Clara Shute Taylor, made his remaining siblings Kathlyn, Jim and Mary Kaye the full beneficiaries of his entire estate. This allowed them to keep the assets among the Anglo-Saxon family members.

The grandparents claimed the estate and signed the Letters of Administration witnessed by the same attorney fighting the case today, T. Randolph Harris of McLaughlin and Stern. In the documents, they committed PERJURY by stating that Michael had no children or any Child Support Debt to pay. Then they distributed the entire Estate among the siblings handled by the Fiduciary Mary Kaye Crenshaw. Plain Racism and Greed drove them to claim and keep the assets that NEVER belong to them and then came the extreme conspiracy to cover up their mess.

Mary Kaye Crenshaw and Kathryn Taylor Teare:

Both of the sisters along with brother Jim Taylor where appointed the beneficiaries of Michael’s entire estate and are now enjoying their life without giving any concern to the pain and suffering of the mother Gwendolyn throughout the years of raising a child with special needs.

1- Mary Kaye and Kathryn Teare


Beneficiaries of Michael Morgan Taylor’s Estate placing in a written letter stating that they always knew about his Bi-Racial child but Collectively Choose to Ignore the needs of the mother and child until she sued them. LEAH Taylor is the daughter of Mary Kaye Crenshaw. She is a amateur Journalist and is probably the vindictive person behind the scenes.

There are all the proofs available and Michael’s family and friends know that Austin is biological son of Michael. This is the greed of Michael’s family members that is constantly making them to ignore the son and holding the entire state and not willing to entrust it to the real heir.

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