Blueface Makes it Rain on Skid Row for Christmas

Makes it Rain on Skid Row for Xmas
… Critics Say Dehumanizing

12/24/2019 7:30 AM PT

Blueface did something which on the surface is awesome — giving money to the poor — but on another level, some say what he did is degrading.

The rapper went to Skid Row Monday in downtown L.A. where he jumped atop his SUV and launched an untold number of bills into a crowd that he whipped into a frenzy.

No doubt his generosity was appreciated by those present, but he’s getting some blowback on social media, with some calling it demeaning and dehumanizing — people down on their luck diving for dollar bills.

Blueface posted the video on his Instagram account, simply captioning it, “The season of giving $.” That’s not the way everyone saw it.

One person wrote, “Some might think that’s some ‘baller s***.’ Many will think he’s ‘giving back.’ What he’s doing is DEMORALIZING and HUMILIATING ppl who deserve better.”


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