‘Bad News Bears’ Jeffrey Davies Learning to Walk Again After Motorcycle Crash

‘Bad News Bears’ Star Jeffrey Davies
Learning to Walk and Talk Again …
After Motorcycle Crash

12/31/2019 12:50 AM PT



Jeffrey Davies — who played Kelly Leak in the 2005 comedy “Bad News Bears” — is fighting like hell to regain function after a terrifying accident left him nearly paralyzed.

According to law enforcement, Davies was riding a motorcycle close to midnight back in May, when he lost control at the center of an intersection and was thrown from the bike.

Jeffrey’s Mom, Kim, says her son was rushed to Orlando Medical Center after suffering a serious head injury that required surgery. During surgery, we’re told, doctors had to partially remove Jeffrey’s skull to relieve pressure in his brain.

It’s been over 7 months since the accident but Jeffrey’s still in major recovery mode. He’s had to learn how to talk and walk. Jeffrey — the local troublemaker/superstar baseball player in the film starring Billy Bob Thorton — requires speech and occupational therapy plus tons of medical supplies. Reliable transportation’s also an issue since he’s confined to a wheelchair.

As if this all wasn’t already a huge burden … the family’s had to deal with Jeffrey’s insurance dropping him. The family’s applied to get him insured elsewhere but so far he’s not gotten approved.

There’s been a GoFundMe set up to help raise $100k to cover Jeffrey’s rising medical bills. Jeffrey — who famously asked a Hooters waitress what time she’s getting off in the comedy remake — turned 30 in August.

He’s got a long road to recovery … but Jeffrey’s shown real progress during therapy sessions.


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