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There Is No Brexit Because Brexit Vote Is No Law

It is the simplest constitutional observation: when Britain voted for Brexit. Nothing happened. Just a wet dream.

Forty years ago, Great Britain voted overwhelmingly to stay in the European Community. The vote had force of law. Why? Because Parliament had passed previously a special law giving the referendum force of law.

This is the way it works in Britain: the Parliament passes laws.

This time Parliament passed no law, prior to the referendum, saying that the Brexit vote would create a law. Hence it is not a law. 

Immigration, The NHS, and Tax Dodging Are British Problems Caused By The British Elite. Not By The EU.
Immigration, The NHS, and Tax Dodging Are British Problems Caused By The British Elite. Not By The EU.

Immigration, The NHS, and Tax Dodging Are British Problems Caused By The British Elite. Not By The EU.

Brexiters, a dim sort, are not content with not knowing what the European Union is, or what its democratic structure is. They happily extent the principle of not knowing what democracy is, to Great Britain itself. They do not know that Britain is a state of law. That means Great Britain is ruled by laws… And those laws are passed by Parliament, not by Brexiters. Except if Parliament passed, prior to a referendum, a law saying that Brexiters were the law, should they be more than 50%.

Conclusion: most sounds coming from the British anarchy in the last 12 days have been ill-informed.

There is no Brexit. Just breakshit. A number of fools shooting excrements around as others shoot the breeze.

Only one way out: have Parliament do, what it did 40 years ago. Pass a law, saying that the future Brexit II Referendum will have force of law.

You know what?

It will fail. In Brexit II, the British People will vote to stay in the EU. 

Because now British voters know a few things they did not know when they voted for the xenophobic liars, 12 days ago.

So where does that leave the true Brexiters? Well, they have to hasten to get Great Britain out, and entrap its government to (illegally!) activate Article 50.

However, it’s not that simple. It would indeed be illegal, according to the European Constitution. Because the European Constitution says that a country activating Article 50 has to do it according to its own constitution.

And there is just one way for Parliament to activate Article 50 legally: by voting for it. However, a majority of MPs in the present Parliament are against leaving the EU.

The present government of the French Republic, the principal architect and sponsor of the European Union wants Great Britain out ASAP. Here are the true Brexiters: those among the French who have had enough of seeing Britain block Europe.

I don’t share that enthusiasm. Kicking Britain out of the EU is only the second best solution. The best would be for the UK to stay in the EU, but with reduced privileges.

I think Great Britain should stay in the European Union, but should be kicked out the European MONETARY Union. And all its attending structures and activities, including clearing Euro transactions, and any activity the European Central Bank is connected to (as the ECB wishes).

That’s all, and that should be enough.

Anything else, will not work. Or at least, not as well.  

In my next installment, for Amexit Day, I will consider why it is that the Britons have lost their minds. Or, more exactly, which part of history Britons did not learn. And which part of history they learned all too much.

And thus why all too many Britons have this strange, and cruel delusion, that no price is too high when one pays for disunion.

So, much ado about nothing? Not really. The UKIP, Hitler-like leader in more ways than one, Nigel Farage, just resigned as head of UKIP. The Brexit vote has enabled hyper-nationalistic, hyper-deluded types, to act their fantasies. Now they can observe that they are just that, fantasies. In case of Brexit, a Norwegian status would be the best the UK can hope for, and that would be much less good and privileged than the status the UK presently has… even in the eyes of UK “independendists”.

Some say: ‘Oh, see, how bad making the People vote is!’ What i see, is how good it is: the Brexit vote has enabled to roll out all the errors. Now that they are in the open, they can, and should be crushed. People do not learn the truth best by repeating it blindly. Truth is learned best by realizing that alternatives are erroneous.

Patrice Ayme’


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