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Burning Fossil Fuels Unifies World In Paris

Paris Climate Conference Conclusion: Limit to 1.5 Degree C

This is an important step forward: the admission that the situation is much worse than anticipated, and that the global temperature rise should be limited much more. Three quarters (¾) of CO2 comes from fossil fuel combustion.

The accord is “juridiquement contraignant” said the French Foreign minister, Fabius, an ex-PM, and president of the conference. Fabius has more gravitas than the French president himself. The latter came at the end of the conference to insist that the accord, after so much work, had to be juridically constraining.

Let’s hope the U.S. Congress does not die laughing, it would be replaced by some representatives, just the same, and even worse. The problem with the European colony in North America, is that it does not know yet the wisdom which an utter catastrophe would visit upon it.

More Than 100 Heads Of States in Paris Unify For Progress
More Than 100 Heads Of States in Paris Unify For Progress

More Than 100 Heads Of States in Paris Unify For Progress

France, its institutions, people, and history, oral or not, have known more than twenty utter catastrophes in the last five centuries alone, thus, much of what defines France got much wiser.

Seven years ago, I insisted that “2 C Is Too Much”. I am happy that this viewpoint has been adopted by the 195 countries gathered in Paris.

The anti-civilization, pro-apocalyptic terrorists sent by the worshippers of Muhammad, contributed to make all delegates from the 195 countries work much harder. “This [accord on CO2 crisis] demonstrates the strength of the French nation and makes us Europeans all proud of the French nation,” said Miguel Arias Cañete, the European Union’s commissioner for energy and climate action.

Why is France special that way? Because France is historically the strongest state in Europe, the only one arrogant, strong enough to declare itself an empire of its own… Eleven (11) centuries ago! It then was decided the French king was “emperor in its own kingdom”… and let the rest of the Renovated Roman Empire find its own way alone. Ultimately, that separation, this sort of apartheid, was no wise, as French and Germans got alienated to each other, bringing a millennium of war. This had to be remedied, and has been remedied now, with the (still very imperfect) construction of the European Union.

But that does not mean that the strength of the French state should be diluted inside the European Union (the same holds for Britain, the other part of France). Instead Europe has to amplify French strength (something the Germans presently agree to). Use France as a point, a Spitze (excellent German word), to forge ahead. This is exactly what happened at the climate conference (and the same Spitze will hopefully transpierce fatally the Islamist State).

My reasoning for insisting that the temperature rise should be limited to less than two degrees centigrade was simple: if GLOBAL temperatures went up to 2 degrees Centigrade (“Celsius”), the rise of temperature in the polar regions may be as much as much as ten degree C, and the resulting catastrophe would send the climate back to the all too balmy Jurassic, and its omnipresent shallow seas, probably for the next 50,000 years.

A Jurassic planet could be interesting in many ways (wheat growing in Antarctica, extensive forests there, and all over the coldest lands, except for high mountains). However, short term, switching to the warm Jurassic would lead to severe disruptions, and could even bring the greatest wars ever.

On the other hand, cynics may notice, 195 nations worked hard, for years, for that Paris Climate Conference. And it’s not over: the next COP (Conference of the Parties) is next year in Morocco (more or less a willing vassal of France). 195 countries came to agree that burning fossil fuels will have to stop soon in Paris. Now it has to be enforced. That is feasible, only if much more research and development of new science and technologies is pushed worldwide. Just pushing around money will not change anything, as the fable of the self-regulation of “free markets” is an important contributor to the CO2 crisis, the climate crisis, the pollution crisis, and the extinction crisis.

In other words, 195 countries came to agree that massive scientific, thus philosophical, progress should be the law of the world.

This is major. It changes the mood towards more world government, in a very positive way. As the Qur’an itself recognizes, and the Romans long knew, war can unify a people against a common enemy. Our common enemy here is the habit of burning fossil fuels, launched by Neanderthals in… France, more than 70,000 years ago. It was good while it lasted, but life is never the eternal returning of the same (contrarily to what Hinduism and its parrot Nietzsche affect to believe).

Instead, at some point, we have to “step forward” (this is what progress means, from the Latin “gradus”, a step, and pro, forward).

Inspecting history, we see that ecological constraints were one of the main factors in conflicts. It’s good to see that 195 countries also understand this, now.

Patrice Ayme’


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