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Obama AKA Bush 3.0

Bush 3.0

Obama turned out to be an appendage to G.W. Bush. Obama, or Bush’s latest update, Bush 3.0.

This is surely revealed by how much Obama fought so hard for the TPP, the Trans Pacific Partnership, and how little he fought for any progressive cause. Or how Obama failed to improve the real economy by cracking down on banks and their financial derivatives. All he had to do was to roll back the rolling back of the Banking Act of 1933 (“Glass-Steagall”), which had happened under Bill Clinton.

Obamacare Profits Plutocrats
Obamacare Profits Plutocrats

Obamacare Profits Plutocrats

The very fact that the TPP is negotiated in secret is enough to make it anti-democratic, and enough to reject it.


The TPP, it is now transpiring, thanks to WikiLeaks, would have drastic consequences in thwarting progressive national health care plans.

Obamacare is a (bad) joke played on the People, with a few improvements on the preceding situation, granted. However, the main problem of health care is cost, and provisions helping to control that, are set to expire when Obama leaves the White House (surprise, surprise).

In the end the plutocratic health care system of the USA will have gained customers, thanks to Obamacare (partly financed by the state, thus taxes). And will make even greater profits. All this was highly predictable, but people such as Paul Krugman kept on singing the praises of an extremely flawed health care reformette (if you will forget the neologism).

Obamacare was written by an ex-Vice President at the largest health insurance company, Well Point, the wealthy Ms. Liz Fowler, operating under the wing of Senator Baucus, a fifth generation tycoon from the wild west who owns hundreds of thousands of acres.


As the financial magazine Forbes put it in 2012: “Buying hospital stocks is the best way to profit on the long side from Obama care.” Even Jeb Bush and Hillary invested in Obamacare.

The only thing progressives can do is analyze how they were cheated in believing in Obama. In the hope of learning enough, to not be cheated as much next time. A hint? Less personality cult, more hard analysis of real facts.

The oligarchic propaganda knew that giving to Obama more kudos than he deserved (the symbol of this being the Nobel Prize), would distract people’s attention away from real issues. The same method was used with Obamacare: because Obama said it would be an enormous improvement, it could only be an enormous improvement, and harder thinkers looking at cool facts were labelled under a variety of insults (as Paul Krugman persists to do, instead of focusing on how to mitigate the enormous flaws in Obamacare; a ceiling on profits individuals can make in health care would be a good start.)

You want a better world? Focus on better thinking. Just judging somebody by the color of his skin does not cut it.

[This is a much expanded version of a comment of mine to Maureen Dowd’s “Obama’s Flickering Greatness”; it was rejected by the New York Times, 6/14/15.]

Patrice Ayme’


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