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Who is Amfortas? Part II

Recently it was my privilege to hear an extraordinary audio podcast by NewsCream’s own Amfortas, responding to a series of questions by interviewers John Dias and Christian J.

Part I of this article is available here.

Who is Amfortas? Part II


This is part two of a two part podcast explaining where I am coming from and casting some light on my approach as a Men’s Rights Advocate.

As with part one, this one will bear listening to several times to ‘get’ all the points I will raise, and not just the last one you hear. There are quite a few points.

As you will have gathered from part one my focus is not on women and feminism –although they come into it – so much as on we men. It is men who have to determine what Men’s Rights we Advocate and not simply in reference to women.

We have seen how Young Percy carried his Mother’s lessons with him into the world,
and how he was under the delusion that wearing armour, an outer shell, made him a man. What is worn on the outside is very different from the man inside. He needs a quite different sort of armour in there.

Percy finds the Holy Grail and loses it almost immediately. He has a lot yet to learn. He fails to ask fundamental questions.

This podcast will look at them.

Parzival spends the rest of his life trying to find it again. A long and arduous life, with its ups and downs, successes and failures, material gains and losses.

He meets other men on his travels and fights them. Women’s rules. He defeats most, but instead of killing them, he sends them to serve his King. He has intuitively learned part of the lesson, but he has to practice it. An understanding is starting to arise in him. Just as manhood did. He is starting to modify his mother’s rules. He is starting to question his actions and learn what is the purpose of his manhood gifts.

He meets his half-brother, his Father’s and Belcane’s son – the piebald Fierefiz, the half-cast.; the man who is ‘different’. A man as Good and as Honourable as himself and carrying the same Father’s genes. He fights him. Of course.

We do that too. All men are our brothers and we automatically fight them. Women’s rules. “let’s you and him fight. It is something we must stop doing. We must VALUE men. If we don’t , women won’t.

How many men are Manginas, not because they want to support women’s rights, but to Lord it over other men and steal their armour. Their ‘High Moral Ground’ is just a hillock of quicksand they stand on. Manginas play a main role in the women’s game of ‘Let’s you and him fight’.

We can fight them. We have little choice. How we fight is our choice. The purpose of the fight is in our purview. But we must defeat them to recruit our fellow men and put them to good use. Serving the King.

We have recruited at least half of the women who come to men’s rights forums to see what we are about. They come with challenges and mouth, but we use masculine power of argument and reason and facts, and we overcome. Many are women who fight just as well as many men and far better than some.

Percy fails to defeat Fierefiz but they part as equals. It is an equality of failure to overcome their own hubris. We must do better. We must refuse to play the game in order to win the prizes. We must play a different game with men’s rules for different prizes, conscious of what effect we have.

Our consciousness of self is barely better than the old Greeks. We as men, must become more conscious, so that we greet our brother and ride alongside him, despite our mother’s baggage.

Young Parzival suffered profound disappointment all of his life. He travelled widely but he struggled with a ‘native’ immorality largely inherited from women but constantly and deleteriously re-inforced by most of the men he encountered. He tries hard to be a man and serve his King. It is his Duty. His Purpose. He had ‘expectations’, but no internal moral ‘Map’.

He lived in a world in turmoil that had no maps. The human heart is the landscape he travelled through which was, and still is beset by war. It is the same war that goes on inside us all. He journeyed painfully. As all men do. And he rarely had another man to trust enough to teach him the right paths to travel.

Or a good woman who rises above simple gender.

You see, ‘Good’, Integrity, Morality, Purpose, aren’t ‘gender-specific’ concepts. They are transcendent.

I chose the word ‘disappointment’ for Percy deliberately. Yes there is a moral judgement aspect to it but I meant it as a feeling. That dissatisfaction and disappointment are as easily projected onto others as female guilt is projected onto men. We men MUST be careful to own our own feelings and not cast them onto others.

This happens in our modern psychobabble era. It is all very well saying that I have expectations and therefore open myself to disappointment but that smacks too much of a pseudo-guru-speak to me. We all have expectations and most are perfectly reasonable.

I generally expect no more of others than I expect of myself, and most often a little less. I expect a little more, too, from people I look up to and those who claim a position that impacts upon me. That is a man’s way.

I get disappointed, as Parzival was, because I am an emotional being. All men are. We get angry and we love. It is our anger and our love. Men’s emotions are real, and an integral part of us. Not the ersatz ‘sentimentality’ so often seen in immature women.

Just look at the real sorrow of a firefighter who carries out a dead child from a building. It is genuine tears he sheds. Men’s tears from the heart. Look at the soldier who repels an attack and cuddles a bereft child on his knee. He cries with her. They do their job by controlling their emotions, deploying that emotional power usefully. Who does the Grail serve? An emotionless man is a psychopath.

That women are emotional creatures and we have to adapt to them is also a demand that women try to force us to wear – for their own purpose. But it is a cop-out. It has no higher purpose.

By casting that responsibility to adapt onto men it allows women licence.

I am a man and I have emotions too. I laugh and cry; I can be affected by a sunset and a song. Men cry when their children are stolen by the family Courts. Our tears are not seen because we hide them. We feel the total waste of our life’s efforts when we are dispossessed. We see men cry but only when we allow them to.

Of course we adapt to one another’s emotional states. Of course we have to recognise emotion. But it is neither a one way street (how many times do you hear women talk about men’s emotions or try to adapt to them?) nor is it a highway to happiness.

The issue is not adaptation by men that damages us but the use of emotion – by modern women – to blackmail, manipulate and coerce, instead of enliven one another or comfort another or empathise with another. Men must not follow these “women’s rules’. And men must not allow the downgrading of emotion by armoured Knights wielding swords and not wanting to cry at the futility. Parzival learned the hard way.

Men’s emotion can colour our world lively with exacting brush-strokes, finely discriminating shades of detail and a pallette of hue. But modern women – and quite a few men too – use emotion like Jackson Pollock used buckets of shit. It isn’t adult.

Too many men reject emotion altogether and don armour to hide within. MRAs must harness their emotion. Who does the Grail serve?

We MRAs vent to one another but the public does not see our righteous anger. It does not see it as valid, because we don’t show it. It is women’s rules are that men’s anger is not to be expressed.

I say ‘adult’. I have a model, fuzzy albeit, in my mind of what an adult is. Parzival only had his mother. I expect people of a particular age to behave as adults. I expect them to guide children and contribute to society. I do not expect adults to act like children – although some child-like aspects can be endearing – and react strongly (with emotion as well) when adults are childish.

A major aspect of adulthood which is a significant ‘missing in action’ factor is this issue of morality. It was an aspect in Percy’s life that he found only by being beaten near unto death and being cared for in the forest by an old Hermit. Another Old Man. A compassionate old man.

How many of our younger MRAs, raised through Institutionalized Feminism, listen to old men? Old men have healing power.

Is it only through such hardships that we gain Character? Over his life, Percy developed ‘Character’. Today people are lauded for ‘being characters’, like wise-guys and spivs and celebrities. I am making a judgement here. A moral judgment.

I am told that I do that. Feminists tell me that I have no right to judge and morality is just a patriarchal means to oppress women. More women’s rules to hamper men. Far, far too many men say the same thing but with a variety of other self-serving rationales. Characterless people.

I – and you – have EVERY right to judge. It is a higher-order adult skill and ability and necessity. You have a DUTY as an MRA to understand what morality is and abide by moral standards upon which Judgment depends. It is a significant part of an adults ‘journey’, a Man’s journey, to explore with morality like a navigator of old and through its substance, understand the world.

And we must judge ourselves if we are to develop ourselves.

The total rejection of morality by society in general, led by this ‘adaptation’ to childish non-adult self-centred emotiveness based on pseudo-women’s demands, manipulations and coercions is the ground in which feminism and attendant/other evils grow. It is laying waste to the souls of men.

By rejecting -even denying the existence of – morality, we give ourselves licence. It is a ‘free-pass’ to make our own rules and damn the consequences. We can become ‘characters’ instead of developing Character. Like Britney Spears with or without dicks. Nonebrities. It is the rejection of morality that plays men into the hands of women.

Good people love freedom. Bad people love licence. Morals produce Character. License destroys it.

Well folks, Reality just doesn’t work the way of the bad people, despite their imaginary, fantasy success. Or the innocent ignorant ones like young Percy with his armour stealing success.

The mediocre Navigator who does not chart and know the tides soon hits the rocks that he has also ignored. He never finds his port because he doesn’t ‘feel’ like being constrained by latitude and longitude and the mathematical calculating and other such ‘male’, ‘patriarchal’ rules for finding his way around. He never looks at the stars let alone sights them. He has no sextant and if one appears he scoffs at it. It is too difficult for his mediocre brain.

The crew suffers. Our society is on the rocks.

Men – even those ‘going their own way’ – need to navigate. Morals are the navigator tools of the soul. Young Percy had no idea where his steed took him. But he had to learn or get lost.

Our society is disappointing to me in this aspect far more than any other.

We have, as nations as well as individuals, capitulated to a childishness, a demand for ‘my way or the highway’, when we could be road-builders of the soul, navigators of the spirit, discoverers of riches in ourselves – some quite gender-specific – and a creators of wonderful trading relationship between adult men and women.

Instead what we have – just one current problem among others – is raiding armies of women who invade ‘men’sland’ to pillage. It is an army of ‘ordinary women’, who steal (moral issue), Lie (moral issue) and excuse themselves (intellectually dishonest – another friggin’ moral issue).

Even Hera taught Psyche how to access masculine power without destroying herself. Modern women do not heed even their own old lessons.

I expect more of adult women.

It is a reasonable and reasoned, adult expectation.

I expect as much from men, too.

More so. I am a man.

My disappointment is not a feeling that I have lost out. It isn’t related to what I could have had but didn’t get. It isn’t because what I want has been blocked.

My disappointment is FOR women. And FOR men. I have unmet expectations of MRAs that await too.

I am sad to the soul – a real emotion – for my preferred companions, for the fact that they have lost their way. Our Fleet is separated and I fear for them. I have a sinking feeling.

Most of the chaps in the MRM are somewhere along the path that Percy takes. Some are right at the start. They are young with hot blood and a huge chip on the shoulder and a load of hubris on their backs. This is not useful armour. Many young men have been cruelly served. Some have had that moment of Total Insight in their late teen years, felt the Power of manhood and fulfillment of child-promise only to have it snatched away by their own innocent ignorance and lack of male models and male guidance.

Some men, I see them all around, are deep in the forest, bleeding and bruised, their bones broken. I would that all men had a wise old hermit to bring them back to health or an old, tired King with a healing draft.

Men are increasingly ‘leaving home’. It used to be to explore the world and discover. We have satellites for that now. For ten thousand years we have been making homes for women. Because we Love women. Men and women need to make homes for one another. They belong in each others world. But modern woman is not interested in making a home for men anymore and men are not coming back until women learn some home-making skills.

So, sometimes I write as that foolish boy, Percy, the younger man and the middle-aged man, who found it all and lost it all and struggles on, angry and tired, searching. He is and always was a Warrior. His sword is part of his arm. He used it until he, too, was quite old. People – men – can identify with Percy as I do with them. He learned from life, living it poorly and ignorantly, as I have.

And sometimes I write as Old Amfortas, knowing what it is that I have charge over – that Insight and Consciousness and Morality. A glimps of it at any rate. I see it paraded before me, going to the even greater Man in the back rooms. Few have that. Very few. I teach. People call me a Fool. They would do better to ask the questions. Few do.

When the story was written, Wolfram’s society was struggling its way out of the dark ages and civil life was starting to bloom. It was actively seeking ‘Life’, Meaning.

We are at an opposite juncture.

Our society has become de-coupled from life.

It has crept up with a roar.

Two world wars; a fascist slaughering of innocents, east and west; a communistic slaughtering on a world-wide scale; several generations of Good, sound men removed from the gene pool; women moved from home to work, to replace men away – or dead; The wars of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries saw mass murder at an unprecedented scale. Men died in the hundreds of thousands. The millions.

Are we seeing women suiciding in sorrow?

The ‘miracle’ of the pill; the encouragement and advocacy of wide-spread abortion; the wholesale destruction of family.; the abject failure to protect and nurture our children and the casting of our young people into drugs and promiscuity, crime, selfishness, ignorance and narcissism.

Is this not suicide?

At street level we live lives without the Authenticity of Love.

We abort babies. We no longer ‘make love’; we ‘have sex’ with no intention or possibility of making children and when one ‘happens’ we kill it.

We have vasectomies; we tie tubes; we destroy potentiality and maim with hysterectomies; we have contraceptives.

A man and a woman, two human animals, do not permit themselves to authentically experience their natures. Or each other’s.

We meet, we ‘hook-up’, we ‘fuck’, but it is not authentic. It is false.

We are busy creating a world of unfeeling faux-humans. We even look forward to machine people. Robots. Some MRAs wax lyrical about robots. I am astonished and dismayed. Women, those who profess to lerve ‘nature’, orgasm on millions of plastic penises.

When a man and a woman ‘Love’ as in the act of Love, they ‘know’ if the other is ‘there’ or not. Fully there in all their humanity, warts and all.

We Sense it.

We know when the one we are with isn’t real, Isn’t there.

Women are turning away from men. They sense the deficit of authenticity in so many men. They have been busy insisting that men change into something a whole lot less than men instead of more than men currently. Men are turning away from women. There are hardly any adult women who love life to be found. We MRAs see – and talk incessantly about – our sensing of the inauthentic women. The hate-filled women. Women who are destroying all that was brilliant about women.

We sense the decline in Integrity; we see the lack of our own Integrity. We don’t want to see it though. We deny. We revel far too much in our power to deny life and deny the Integrity and authenticity of people as though it were smart. Slash with that sword, my hearty fellows.

We are ceasing even to love ourselves, preferring to have ‘self-esteem’. An image. A fantasy that replaces the authentic.

We see the armour and not the man inside it.

Feminism is a bad dream; a nightmare result of our Inauthenticity. And we men, mostly, are inside the same nightmare.

We must become Conscious, before we lose ourselves altogether. Wake up.

Our world, Humanity, is at a critical phase in the development of a fully human consciousness that has been in evolution for 5 million years. It is the phase-transition of human development at which we have arrived. Just as the old Greeks were at that other transition when man gained ‘Mind’ and needed ‘Heart’ too

We, though, are failing.

The Fully human being may be still-born. Or aborted.

I will end this podcast here.

We need to know Parzival’s life and journey because we are setting out into deep and dangerous human psychic landscapes just as he did with the same past-its-use-by date lessons.

We need to find Old Amfortas and the Holy Grail.

Before he dies.

Is there another Amfortas out there in the MRM?


This is Percy and my third pocast in a series, answering questions put to me by John Dias regarding Men, Going Their Own Way.

I took a while answering the first one as it was so very personal, but here I answer the other 15 far more briefly. It will still take about twenty minutes though so get a drink and settle down.

Q. Was there ever a defining moment that motivated you to advocate for men in this culture? If not, what was the catalyst that prompted you to get involved?

A defining moment probably exists but is lost in time. It is more a gradual awareness that crystallized at a point. I was aware of the problems being generated back in the late sixties and early seventies but barely spoke out. I was busy fighting my Nation’s wars. I was busy making a career. So many of us oldies were, just as so many of our young men are.

I saw a need for equality, not just at feminist demand and definition, but for the clear imbalance in expectations upon adults. that were dependant on their genitals. Men in general welcomed women into the adult world where they were supposed to grow up and work alongside us instead of us working to support them like the dependant children of Tradition. That’s what women said they wanted. Hah !

In the 80s I had changed career to become a psychologist and was dealing with equal pay issues in Industry, and I was noticing the hypocrisies and denials. I was speaking out quite loudly by then. My divorce in 1991 after 22 years of marriage was absolutely devastating and introduced me to Family Court bias. I lost my beloved daughter, even to this day. I was fortunate though in building a firm relationship with my son. In the early 90s I was running a men’s group in Melbourne, Australia and contributing to a nascent Men’s Rights effort. Then came the Internet and my perspective was broadened immensely. I have been active in various ways ever since. But I am getting knackered.

Q. What would you say is the most painful loss that men have suffered over the last half century?

For most men there has been a loss of Trust in society in general and women in particular. This provides a base level of pain upon which many different personal losses are caused and built. For some men it is their children; others their careers; others their marriages. For some the devastation of their meager treasuries has been most painful. For most men, the loss of any sort of stable future is the major loss. But from a ‘gender’ perspective, the Law has been THE major loss. It used to be equal for all but have been stolen by Feminists and Marxists. Along with the law has gone Truth, Justice, Equality, innocence until proven guilty, habeas corpus et al. Our education Institutions are a wasteland. Workplaces have become mired in hysterical Women-only laws. Much of our Western Culture has been buggered with a hot poker.

There are things which we rely upon that we take little notice of – until it is missing or taken away. Solid ground; gravity; air. Who takes any notice of them. Our family legal systems are generally not the subject of discussion in the pub. Societal fairness has all but disappeared but doesn’t get noticed when we are busy on an X-box or wiping babies bums or dealing with hot wires and cold cement at work.

To me, personally, the most painful loss is Trust in women. I have always loved women. I fell in love first when I was five, with an older woman. She was six. They were always strange beasts but one could usually find one that was trustworthy; one that you could love; one that you could forgive weaknesses and foibles in. One in whom you could explore difference. But they have all but died out.

Those women that one could, possibly, trust, nevertheless have a sawn-down shotgun in their handbags. It is hard and stupid to trust someone with such a weapon that she could use at any time and against you as the primary target. There is an Industry of rent-seeking scum that convinces women to use that shot-gun. They are the only ones that gain. Men don’t; women don’t; our children don’t.

Q. If you could go back in time and start life over again as a 21-year-old, what would you do differently if you could carry the lessons that you’ve learned?

It is natural but unfortunate that 21 year olds are as thick as two short planks and make the same mistakes 14 times before lessons sink in. The cradle-marks are still on their arses at that age. I was certainly like that, though of course I didn’t know it at the time. I was in the military back then. I would not be looking forward to marriage and children anywhere near so much, if I had my time again and knew what I know now. Perhaps I would be maximizing my ‘Fuck You’ funds.

Every young MRA, especially those GTOW, needs ‘Fuck You’ money. Enough to last a few years without income or depending on anyone. It takes a while to amass enough and it must be held in secret.

As it was I was having a whale of a time and trying hard to survive and conquer (on someone else’s behalf) in the Jungle against an enemy who was trying to kill me. It was Great fun. I could, with application, have been a General (Indeed, I was for a very brief moment).

I eventually changed career when I was thirty eight, having devoted more time to family than career aspirations, but again, were I to now make a choice I would go into a Monastery or become a scientist – or both. I would have made a passable Jesuit, I think. Or a Benedictine . Or Cosmologist. I am blessed with a remarkably high intelligence. But I have no Fuck You funds at all. Bugger !

Q. Many of us criticize the way the State has curtailed our options and freedoms as men. What do you think is behind the State’s erosion of our liberties, and what should men be doing to counter it?

Corruption. Greed. And Power. I see Feminism as just one of many roads to perdition, and currently the most pressing for men and boys. It is also a curse on women although they do not realize it. Our Western Civilisation is at phase-end and I doubt very much that we can do anything about it , but survive as Individuals with Integrity.

Unfortunately Integrity is lacking in most people. It is something to gain quickly, early on and hold onto. The Parzival problem that I spoke of earlier. So we as men, as MRAs should be seeking that Integrity, that Holy Grail. Along with it is Truth, Clarity, Understanding, Transcendance of our Human limitations. And freedom from corruption, greed and power urges that can only be achieved from a sound and pure base.

Q. The MGTOW philosophy promotes femininity in women and masculinity in men. Can you describe what masculinity means? It seems that the messages that we get from cultural traditions and the media portray masculinity in such a one dimensional or unflattering manner. If authentic masculinity were to reassert itself in our culture, how would we know it?

Masculinity as defined by our culture is, as you say, one dimensional so it is hardly surprising that it is portrayed that way. It has unflattering aspects which our corrupt culture accentuates.

Many younger MRAs seem to revel in some of these unsavoury aspects and see it in a one dimensional way too.

A truly masculine man is almost identical to a truly feminine woman in the issues that matter. They differ in behaviours and approaches to biological limitations and attributes that are determined by their bodies – and they fit together very well – but both have equal ability to reach mature adult status living in Truth, Reality and Integrity, as Fully Conscious human beings.

Mature adults are rare beasts though and life is a journey, hopefully toward becoming mature. For ‘Authentic Masculinity’ to assert itself we would need to understand why the one-dimensional didn’t work at anytime in the past and stop doing it, and stop it doing so much damage in the future.

To do that a man must understand where his journey’s milestones are and where he is intending to go. He needs to know what he can expect as he stumbles forward as a masculine creature, incomplete, and what completeness is when he finds it. We don’t teach our boys that. He would have to realize at some stage that he has to integrate a lot more than unidimensional masculinity if he has any hope of gaining Integrity.

You are one of founding members of the Men Going Their Own Way movement. Can you describe how it formed, and how you played a part in its beginning stages?

I would not say I am a founding member. Young Parzival was Perhaps. I try to take a more integrated route while understanding what drives the MGTOW phenomenon. Most MGTOW are on the inside, looking out, and a ‘helicopter view’ is needed.

Who does the Grail serve?

Tell us about some observations you’ve made about specific people who seem to be embracing the MGTOW concept since the formation of this movement. Can you tell us any stories that illustrate how any particular men are going their own way?

I see mainly young men embracing the movement. It is vitally important that older, wiser heads mentor these young men. There are few wise man about. We are struggling. Most young men today have been raised in a Feminist milieux, by women, both at home and throughout their school years. They are reactive but lack direction. Most do not even want to listen to wise heads. They have bought into ‘Women’s Rules’ that older men are ‘Patronising’ – a dirty word to them – when having a Patron is just what young men need.

They are leaving that world, like Parzival, armed with only the ways of women and a desire for something else – but not knowing what it is. They grasp for, say, masculinity, but the models are unidimensional. They seek the ‘company of men’ but have little knowledge of how to differentiate one man from another, the good from the bad.

As such they are in danger of ‘taking’ that masculine armour from someone else, as young Percy did, at the expense of that man’s life. The dark-side of the very same eager intent to grasp ‘power’ results in Family Court Judges and rent-seeking lawyers – so called career-successful men who destroy other men in their headlong rush for personal aggrandizement.

Q. What is makes MGTOW disctinct from being a Men’s Rights Activist (MRA)?

I will leave that to someone who has a firm MGTOW philosophy as ‘self-defined’. Most MRAs (Activist, Advocate) have a short-term and limited social objectives rather than strictly personal. They are outward looking. He wants to change society – a little. Mainly to restore.

I want men to change inside. Become aware of Reality and Himself. A MGTOW eschews society. A man, a full man, wants to make society work to the benefit of all. He wants the Grail to Serve as it should.

Q. What is your reaction to the Pickup Artist (PUA) phenomenon?

A stupid boy doing as his mother wants. Impressing the ladies all over the place without distinction or discrimination and rooting them willy nilly. That was Hertzeloyd’s advice. It impresses some immature men. It is retarded and retarding.

Stop chasing women and find manhood first. Then clever, strong, mature, adult women will come to you.

Q. How should we gauge the success or failure of the GYOW movement?

If it enables a man to achieve Integrity; to live in Truth and Reality, Authentically, as a Mature Adult, it will have been successful. GTOW perhaps has that capacity. But only when the man has answered the fundamental questions: “Who does the Grail serve”?

Q. What literature has had the most profound effect on your attitudes and thinking, and why?

The story of Parzival, of course, but not just in isolation. I could give you a list of a hundred fine books. You could spend a day just looking at the titles on my bookshelves and twenty years reading them.

I was advised at the age of 21 to read a particular book – “ Insight: A Study of Human Understanding” written by Bernard Lonergan SJ) – and it took me until I was 45 to work my way through it. That’s 24 years. It was a big ask for a lad who wasn’t even 24 yet. I had to read several hundred other books along the way just to get past successive pages. That’s a long time and a lot of reading. The trick is to understand what it is that is being taught. It’s no trick of course. It’s damned hard work.

Are young men prepared to do that work?

Then there is’ Faust’ by Goethe: the only story that asks the question (another that no-one bothers to ask) ‘can the Devil be redeemed.’ How can we overcome Evil without becoming Evil ourselves? It is the natural Fourth-Dimensional Man successor to Don Quixote’s three-dimensional man, and as with the old Spanish madman, denotes a change in human consciousness and a broadening of masculinity.

Then there is David Hodgson’s book ‘The Mind Matters’. He is an Australian Supreme Court Judge, by the way, who has a firmish grasp of quantum mechanics. And if you don’t think that QM has any bearing on our MRA matters, then read David Bohm’s work in that field. We live in an Explicate Order of Reality, (as shown by quantum mechanic equations) which is dependant upon a wholly different Implicate Order of Reality. The Princess of Lies comes from that Implicate Order to infect our material world.

For lighter reading, more pertinent to MRA tactical issues, there is Dr Eric Berne’s “Games People Play”, wherein most of the female hysteria-strategies are laid out for all to see. It is a personal defence manual.

And for deep and essential analysis of pretty well every MRA issue a young man MUST read Warren Farrell’s ‘Myth of Male Power’. It is the Strategic Primer. Follow it up with Mark Prendergast’s ‘Victims of Memory’. It is more specific but shows the power of the Lie and Hysteria when applied to men and the utter destruction of our Court processes.

Q. What role can fathers play to ensure that the next generation of males are masculine men who chart their own path?

Teach him to seek, Truth and Reason, Emotional & Spiritual integration, Integrity, above personal ’honour’. In many ‘Men’s Rights’ circles, ‘honour’ is seen as a possession, reflecting on a man’s worth, instead of a tool, like a sword, that he uses to serve his King. Parzival ‘took’ honour’ from another. That other man was an honourable man too. Teach him to ask the question “Whom does the Grail serve’. Teach him to ask “What ails thee, Uncle”. Teach him to ask himself these questions and seek the answers in his life. MGTOW has been a traditional men’s pathway. It is a well trod path. It has pitfalls.

I have noticed that father’s rights advocates often make the assumption that if fathers are allowed to be actively engaged with their kids, that somehow masculinity, character and independence will naturally emerge because of such access. But this is not automatically the case. So when fathers _already have_ an active relationship with their kids, what should they be doing to ensure that their boys will become MGTOW as they grow older?

This is a very pertinent point, if I may say so. There are good dads and poor dads. Frankly, though, almost any dad is better than no dad at all. Masculinity clearly doesn’t arise naturally in a pure and useful form. It takes some effort and application otherwise it can exhibit itself in selfishness, greed, corruption and power grabbing. Usually at the expense of others.

The Father needs to have a firm understanding himself and others. What one notices in stories that people tell of what their dad taught them, or aspects of being a man that they learned from observing or listening to their dad, was that there is (was) meaning behind and beyond whatever it was they were doing that provided the lesson. Articulating that meaning is important.

The daily grind takes men away from their kids far too much still. Finding ways of giving time is very important. I would say that getting into a habit of spending a little time every day one to one without interruption would be ideal. But Ideal is rarely achieved.

Q. Who do you see as rising stars in the movement today?

In the MGTOW movement. I don’t know who is in it. The skies are overcast. I guess people like Darren Blacksmith has been a leading light for a long while. A good value chap. I admire John Dias. He is a top man. I know only one personally and that’s Christian J who is a top chap too.

Q. What do you see as the greatest accomplishments of the MGTOW phenomenon so far?

Focus. Agree with all the tenets of MGTOW or not, the guys that extol the benefits have made a solid presence and done more than a fair share in raising the profile and reach of the MRM. Time will tell if they get their philosophy sorted out along the lines I have mentioned.



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