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Intelligent Design, The Omega Point Theory, and the Elephant in the Room

Last month New Scientist Magazine ran a routine hit piece on the Intelligent Design movement in an article called The God Lab. According the writer of the piece, wealthy Christian Evangelicals are even now funding an evil plan to introduce the Christian God like “Jesus juice” into the punchbowl of serious academic discussion.

Despite sacrificing a four-page spread and an editorial, New Scientist – not surprisingly – kept the reader stubbornly unenlightened on the subject of Intelligent Design. (Conspiracy theorists might think ideology was at work in the offices of NS magazine!)

The drive-by shooting of “ID” perpetrated by NS got me thinking about cosmologist Frank J. Tipler and his mathematically impervious proof for the existence of God: The Omega Point Theory (OPT). (See Tipler’s most recent overview of OPT here.)

Is it any wonder, I thought, that Tipler and his OPT are ignored by the popular media and the high priests of establishment science? Worse still, Tipler is a believer who engages in academic debates with recognized theologians! Certainly an unforgivable sin in a world where the celebrated academic atheist Richard Dawkins has scored an omnipresence in the popular media on a par with Charles Darwin – if not Oprah. (Even South Park has had their way with Dawkins in what is possibly their funniest episodes ever.)

Cosmologist Frank J. Tipler – a recognized professional peer of David Deutsch and Stephen Hawking – has effectively established the mathematical probability for the emergence of God in the far future to a 100% certainty. But the OPT relies on a critical condition: the Universe must eventually collapse into a black hole singularity.

The latest observations, of course, make Tipler’s theory moot because the universe shows no evidence of recollapse – quite the contrary.

Tipler’s theory has been acknowledged by his peers, including Oxford physicist David Deutsch (winner of the Paul Dirac award for creating the world’s first quantum computer). In chapter 14 of his seminal book, The Fabric of Reality, Deutsch devoted an extensive discussion to a critique of Tipler’s Omega Point Theory:

The key discovery in the omega-point theory is that of a class of cosmological models in which, though the universe is finite in both space and time, the memory capacity, the number of possible computational steps and the effective energy supply are all unlimited. This apparent impossibility can happen because of the extreme violence of the final moments of the universe’s Big Crunch collapse. (source)

This acknowledgment is significant, because it suggests that in the event of such a collapse, the emergence of a non-temporal, infinitely intelligent Being in the final moments of the collapse is scientifically possible, and perhaps even inevitable.

Also ( in my opinion) if the Multiverse is a true condition of our universe, then the emergence of the Omega Point is not only possible, but it has already occurred in some incarnation of the universe.

Here’s where Tipler gets interesting – and too hot for the science media to bear:

In his essay, The Omega Point and Christianity, Tipler asserts that the Trinitarian nature of God and Christ can be discerned in the following diagram, saved from Dr. Tipler’s website:

In Dr. Tipler’s model, the multiverse begins with the Big Bang, which is identified as the Holy Spirit. The Big Crunch represents the final establishment of God’s Kingdom: the Singularity. In Tipler’s model, Life is God’s sacred Progenitor. This Progenitor – and its outcome – can be seen as Christ, the Body and Host of our very flesh and soul.

It’s all here: the mathematical, cosmological, and literary solutions to life, the universe and Everything.

How cool is that?

See Tipler’s OPT summary page here.

Frank J. Tipler is the author of The Anthropic Cosmological Principle (with John D. Barrow), and The Physics of Immortality.

Reference: Journal of Near-Death Studies: A Contribution of Tipler’s Omega Point Theory to Near-Death Studies


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