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Groups Blast DOJ Rape Treatment Policy

When all the rhetoric is stripped away, what we have are a group of pro-abortionists – and these are not pro-choice people, but pro-abortionists – with their knickers in a knot because there is no policy of suggesting an abortion with a drug which was rushed through approval and has been implicated in deaths.

Any woman, in this day and age, who is not aware of abortion has, quite frankly, been living under a rock. I know of no woman who has been raped who hasn’tw worried about becoming pregnant from it, and I can’t concieve that it isn’t a primary worry in the minds of others I do not know personally.

This is nothing more than a backdoor way of mandating that someone suggest, and thus be forced to provide abortions, even against their conscience. And that is crap.

FOXNews.com – Politics – Groups Blast DOJ Rape Treatment Policy


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