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When Your Paycheque Depends on a Climate Crisis

There is now a small army of experts, activists, and bureaucrats whose economic lives depend on there being a climate crisis. Without such a crisis their jobs, their travel to exotic places, and their moments in the media spotlight would all disappear.

Pew, What’s That Smell?

An activist group has been funding a particular corner of scientific research to the tune of $1 million a year for more than two decades. Do we really think this hasn't influenced how those working in that field see the world?

Greenpeace’s Fear Machine

17 years ago a Greenpeace report titled The Climate Time Bomb tried to frighten us with lurid images and dire predictions that have since failed.

Canadian Scientists and the World Wildlife Fund

When hundreds of Canadian scientists - and 12 science bodies - joined a World Wildlife Fund ad campaign they undermined their own authority. They became politically-motivated actors in a political discussion.

How the IPCC Defines ‘Distinguished Scientist’

How has someone with no more than a Masters degree - who has been employed for the past 17 years by Greenpeace - come to be considered a distinguished scientist by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change?

The Activists, the Media, and the Public

When activists hoodwink the media - and questionable environmental scare stories are the result - why don't we care?

Oodles of Cash

Who knew that green groups - and those with business interests in renewable energy - have access to such obscene amounts of money?

The IPCC’s Activist Chairman

Rajendra Pachauri does not display the aloof, dispassionate demeanour traditionally evoked by the term "scientist." Instead, he repeatedly lends the good name of the scientific body he chairs to activist endeavours.

Andrew Weaver vs Tim Flannery

Two activist scientists, both committed to the climate change fight, have starkly different views of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. One says it's the most "rigorous scientific process" in which he has been involved. The other says it isn't good science, but "lowest-common-denominator-science."

It Isn’t a Conspiracy It’s Just Money, Fashion & Power

If much of the world were to snap out of it and realize that global warming has been over-hyped, large companies in wealthy and influential sectors of the economy would lose hundreds of billions.